Best GoPro Accessories for Kitesurfing

If you are into kitesurfing then keep reading! We are going to take a look at the best and most essential GoPro accessories for KITESURFING. Whether you are a pro or just starting you want to capture those awesome moments on water the best way possible. And since your buddies are boring old landrats who don’t give a damn about hanging at the beach with you and maybe taking a few snaps of your Double Hintenberg Mobe or you body dragging after your lost board you need some cool mounts to get that perfect shot.

Here are the TOP 5 Best GoPro Accessories for Kitesurfing:

1. GoPro Sticky mount

GoPro Sticky Mount
GoPro Sticky Mount

Best GoPro Accessories for Kitesurfing list should start with the basics! Probably the most used kiteboarding accessory for a GoPro or any other action camera is the good old sticky mount that comes with the camera. Small, durable cheap to buy if you happen to need more than what came free with your GoPro.

With this mount you get a cool upward facing angle and if you are not a big giant you should fit in the frame nicely! Just make sure you attach it at the far tip of the board.

GoPro sticky mount sample
GoPro sticky mount sample

Important! Clean the board before slapping it on with alcohol to get rid of dirt, grease, your morning porridge or whatever gunk you have managed to spill on your precious board. After giving it a good cleaning make sure to wipe it dry and maybe give a bit of time to make sure its really nice and dry. Then press the mount on the board and give it 24 hours for the adhesive to completely dry.

You can read the directions that GoPro gives on its website HERE

We suggest adding a second sticky mount on the side! Why? Because we have seen many cases where the cuick-release plate has broken off during a hard landing and tethering your GoPro the second mount with a piece of strong string can really save your day!

2. Head Strap

If you wear a helmet – and you should! – then you can attach your GoPro to your helmet with the curved sticky mount but if you don’t wear it, you still want to get those cool POV shots  of you ripping the sliders or hanging at the beach with your kite at zenith to impress the girls 🙂

GoPro Head Strap Mount
GoPro Head Strap Mount

This is where the head strap comes handy! It has several benefits why we think this accessory belongs in this list:

  1. Easy to carry around! Throw it in your kite bag, it weighs nothing and takes no room.
  2. Fits everyone! Even your buddy with a huge melon for a head can use it by adjusting the bungee.
  3. Versatile! Want to take GoPro and snap a quick selfie while riding? Just take it off and direct it anywhere, you can’t do it with a camera stuck to your helmet.
  4. Looks nerdy! No-one will suspect you can do any tricks when you wear it 😀

We suggest tieing it to your wetsuit back zip in case you crash and it comes off your head, this way you don’t lose it.

3. Kite line mount

This is our favorite Best GoPro Accessories for Kitesurfing and very specific to just kitesurfing. You can get a really cool angle from high above showing the sweet waves under you and still close enough so you don’t look like a dot. Many people attach the GOPro to the kite strut to get the high angle but its way too far away and you get something like this – visible wing tips and random strings and You somewhere far far away…

Kite strut mount
Kite strut mount

Yes, it can be fine to take an image or two but it gets boring really fast. Instead you want to get the camera closer to you and line mount works perfectly for that.

There are a few variations around but we like Camrig Gen4 Kite line mount. Its deadsimple to use and fits any kite.  Another good one is the U.Go Linemount that works brilliantly.
The images you get using a kite line mount are super impressive and just from the right distance.

GoPro Kite Line Mount
GoPro Kite Line Mount

There are a few drawbacks you should consider though: The kite lines will get in the shot and it might cause dangerous tangles. If you crash or do any rolls the steering lines can get caught in the rig and that can have potentially bad consequences, so be aware!

4. Selfie Stick

Go old selfie stick is something a lot of kiteboarders use, it’s not our favorite but it has unlimited potential, so it made its way to the list. The pole or the selfie stick allows for practically 360 degree shots from any angle you want so it`s really a versatile and essential GoPro accessory for kitesurfing.


If you don’t mind holding on to it and you are experienced enough to control your kite with one hand then why not grabbing a pole when riding out and capturing some fun. You can even stick in into sand on the beach to film you from the shore (make sure no random bystander will run away with it). Good thing to consider is getting a pole that doesn’t sink like the Quik Pod ULTRA or just strap it to your hand.

5. GoPro Floaty Backdoor

Last but not least: GoPro Floaty Backdoor is like a life vest for your precious camera. So many people have lost they gadgets in the deep waters for the fishes because a mount has broken off and there is just no way to recover a small gadget from the endless bottom of a lake or the freaking ocean!

GoPro floaty back door
GoPro floaty back door

Get this orange little life saver and you will be forever thankful!


If you have some other favorite GoPro Accessories for Kitesurfing then let us know.



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