Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Traveling

Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Travelling- Packing a suitcase
Packing a suitcase

When you plan a trip the number one concern you always have is what to pack! It`s a constant battle between an extra pair of jeans or running shoes or underwear or whatever you feel kind of needs to be in your backpack or suitcase. Often times than not you end up taking items you never use during your trip and leave behind something important. We made a Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Traveling list to help you out!

Packing your GoPro accessories

When you take your GoPro with you for your travels, the main question is: “What else do i need?” GoPro cameras have tens and hundreds of different accessories that each serve a different purpose. We will help you list the Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Traveling.

If you don`t have a tight weight limit and you are traveling with a huge suitcase or even two, this is not probably an issue for you. But often times people only carry a backpack or are otherwise limited and need to be careful what they take with them.

When putting together list list of Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Traveling we considered the top critical aspects like: weight, size, benefit, usage and price. A travel accessory needs to be lightweight and small to fit any bag and it doesn`t make sense taking it with you if the benefit you get from it is tiny and you end up never really using it. Taking a floating grip with you when you are packing for a city trip and staying in hotels with no pools or packing an external microphone when all you want to do is take some action shots while surfing the waves.

So here is our list of Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Traveling

1. Spare Batteries

Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Travelling- Re-Fuel Battery
Re-Fuel Battery. Image from

Spare batteries are pretty much the number one accessory ever GoPro user needs to have. You don`t have much use of your GoPro when all of a sudden you run out of juice and the action is just starting. You need to be able to keep on shooting and this is why we suggest at least 2 spares to take with you. If you use a remote and the LCD screen this becomes even more of an issue so invest in a couple of high quality batteries.
There are many manufacturers so there should be no shortage of choice. You might want to take a look at Re-Fuel batteries – top notch quality and great customer service!

2. Charger

Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Travelling- Re-Fuel Charger Kit
Re-Fuel Charger Kit. Image from

This might be a bit too obvious but this is a must, when you have more than 1 battery, and you should have more than one like we just discussed. Charging your GoPro batteries with the camera attached with the USB cable takes forever and imagine doing that with 3 batteries! This will take you hours. If you come to your hotel for a quick snack and want to continue discovering the place you are at you don`t have time to mess around with the cable method – you need a quicker solution. Fortunately, most of the chargers don`t weigh that much and are small enough to fit in your pocket if need to. If you are already considering getting your batteries from Re-Fuel you might as well grab a good charger also.

3. Tripod

Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Travelling- Joby Gorillapod for GoPro
Joby Gorillapod for GoPro

The number of different tripods on the market can be overwhelming and picking the right one is hard. A tripod you want to be able to take with you needs to be:

  1. Sturdy – It needs to hold your GoPro perfectly without drooping.
  2. Flexible – A good tripod can give you an angle you want.
  3. Cheap- Risk of losing it or getting it stolen is pretty high when traveling.
  4. Lightweight- You don`t want to carry around a heavy tripod

A good travel tripod is small but strong enough to support a DSLR camera, in case you need to. Joby makes the perfect travel tripod that you can use on all surfaces, wrap it around a tree or use as a handle grip.

4. Selfie stick or a Pole

Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Travelling- GoScope Boost Arctic Camo. Image from
GoScope Boost Arctic Camo. Image from

Yes, we all take selfies, don`t pretend you don`t. And that`s perfectly fine, nobody wants to return from an awesome trip and discover that you are not on a single image or video! Nobody will believe you even went. A good pole gets you in the pictures and videos with no effort at all.
We strongly suggest getting a quality pole, they are lightweight and can survive a drop or stay afloat when you use it in the water. Pick out a selfie stick and add it in your Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Traveling.
Things to consider:

  1. Will it float
  2. How far can it extend
  3. Is the material durable
  4. does it look good
  5. does it have a built in battery
  6. does it have a sturdy grip
  7. are the locks tight

Get it from GoScope Amazon store

5. Floating Grip


A floating grip is something many people actually don`t need, but it ended up in our Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Traveling, because it`s really lightweight and small and our top choice if you end up playing in the pool with your kids, taking a swim in the ocean, surfing, going on a boat trip or any other activity where you end up near water.

Plus, you can use it as a regular hand grip that you need anyways, so it`s a win-win situation. Consider buying a brightly colored floating grip if you plan to swim in the sea, because if you lose it, it`s easier to find it floating in the foamy waves. A darker grip suits better if you mostly plan to use it on dry land, it will stick out less in the crowd and you will draw less attention to your expensive GoPro. But be sure to attach a wrist strap and eliminate the losing part altogether! UKPRO has a great floating pole with an orange grip to find it fast when you lose it in the water.

Get it from UKPRO Amazon Store

6. GoPro Remote

Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Travelling- GoPro Remote
GoPro Remote

There are now three ways you can control your GoPro from a distance:

  1. GoPro Remote
  2. Your smartphone
  3. Voice commands – this is a feature limited to HERO5

Using your smartphone to control the camera is brilliant but you will then drain the battery of your phone. What happens if you get lost and you cant call or use Google maps to find your way because you used your phone to control your GoPro?

Using Voice commands is limited to GoPro Hero5 and will probably be a bad idea in a crowded and noisy situation or if you happen to be in a church or a dead silent museum. Voice commands will leave you without your image if you are too far from the camera also.

The remote managed to push its way into the Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Traveling list because it`s small, easy to use, and you can control your camera from a long distance. A remote comes handy when you place your GoPro away from you and still want full control. For example, you attach it to your car`s bonnet, or at the top of your helmet, or anywhere hard to reach. A lot of people just press the shutter and place the camera where they need it and hope that they will have the time to look for that interesting shot later from a laptop screen. With a Remote, you can skip the boring parts and save your memory card for the cool takes.

You can pick it up from

7. Case

Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Travelling- Pro Flex Case by GoScope
Pro Flex Case by GoScope

A good case is something you can definitely live without but having your camera with all the accessories scattered in your backpack or wrapped in a plastic bag is just not cool 🙂
Get a decent bag, organize the stuff you carry with you and save yourself some trouble looking for that missing joint or an adhesive mount you know you took with you but just can`t find in the mess of your suitcase.

Get it from GoScope Amazon store

8. GoPro Gimbal

Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Travelling- Feiyu-Tech Gimbal
Feiyu-Tech Gimbal

This is where it get`s a bit more expensive. A good gimbal cost even more than the camera itself but the results can be astonishing! Nothing worse than looking at shaky footage where your every step translates into the video from the soles of your feet slapping the asphalt. People often don`t pay any attention on keeping the camera steady so you end up with swaying, bouncing, shaky video.
Yes, you can alleviate the shaking by bending your knees so that your legs act as shock absorbers, but you can`t beat a good gimbal.

The best 3-axis gimbals will give you that silky smooth cinematic look that make your views go: “aaaaaaaaaaahhhh, thats so awesome”. We all want that right?

There are tons of different gimbals out there, some better than others. Some use a smartphone as an external screen, some rely on the GoPros own screen.
Obviously, weight comes into consideration when packing your holiday gear, but we truly believe a steady footage that you get using a gimbal is worth the sacrifice.
Feiyu Tech has some amazing affordable gimbals that work like magic, but there are tons of other high quality gimabls out there.

Buy it from Feiyu-Tech AliExpres store or from

Feiyu-Tech Amazon store

9. Timelapse mount

Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Travelling - Blink Time Lapse Controller
Blink Time Lapse Controller

We love time laps videos! You can pack a whole day into just few minutes of footage catching everything that passes the lens. You have probably seen some amazing timelapse videos or bright red sunsets, building being constructed, people rushing to work in the morning, ocean rising and crashing to the shore and many more.

To make your time laps videos even more exciting, you can use a Time Lapse Controller. Let that little gadget do the work for you and you are just left to enjoy the beautiful videos that you will get from using your GoPro and a time lapse controller.

10. Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Traveling – Destination specific accessory

We could suggest a lot of cool gadgets and widgets and poles and clamps, but at the end, it comes down to where will you travel. The 9 suggested accessories are essential in pretty much every situation and will help you squeeze out every brilliant shot you can ever imagine, but the number 10 spot in our list of Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Traveling belongs to an anonymous accessory.
If you are a surfer, you want to take a surf board mount with you, a snowboarder might want to take a helmet stabilizer and a city tourist will be happy to grab a selfie stick with a built in battery for more selfies.

Think about your trip – where will you go, what will you do, what is the environment like, how much stuff can you carry and then make your decision.

If you have any suggestions on what should we include in this list, contact us!

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