Best GoPro Black Friday Deals 2022

The Best time to buy Christmas presents is Black Friday of course! If you know what you want for yourself or for someone else you can save shitloads of money and get all that stuff delivered on time for holidays. If you are looking for GoPro Black Friday deals this year look no further – here are the best options.

If you want a brand new GoPro camera then the question you need to ask is which one? Looking at previous Black Friday sales, the best deals won’t be limited to the latest GoPro models but will also include previous models.
When the time inches closer to the sales expect to see decent discounts across GoPro’s current range of action cameras, including the top-spec Hero 11 Black, as well as the 360 Max and previous generations of its flagship Hero models.

You can score some great GoPro Black Friday deals on Amazon on their deals page or on GoPro Subscription. You can find good deals elsewhere but based on previous years Amazon will not let you down!

TOP GoPro cameras to consider on Black Friday 2022

GoPro Hero 11 Black

GoPro Black Friday deals

You can not go wrong with the latest and greatest GoPro Hero 11 Black. Announced just recently this beast has a New 1/1.9-inch sensor (5.3K/60p video), 10-bit color depth, and the HyperSmooth 5.0 works almost like magic.

It shoots 27.13MP (5568×4872) photos and has Max Video Res of 5.3K: 8:7 (5312×4648), 5.3K: 4:3 (5312×3984), 5.3K: 16:9 (5312×2988)

GoPro Hero 10

Hero 10 is still a really good option and since it`s no longer the flagship model you can find good deals online on Amazon.
Here are some of the differences between Hero10 and Hero 11

• GoPro Hero 11 Black: 27MP
• GoPro Hero 10 Black: 23MP
• GoPro Hero 11 Black: 1/1.9-inch, 8:7 sensor
• GoPro Hero 10 Black: 1/2.3-inch, 4:3 sensor

• GoPro Hero 11 Black: 10-bit color
• GoPro Hero 10 Black: 8-bit color

• GoPro Hero 11 Black: HyperSmooth 5.0
• GoPro Hero 10 Black: HyperSmooth 4.0

• GoPro Hero 11 Black: 360º Horizon Lock
• GoPro Hero 10 Black: 360º Horizon Lock only with Max Lens Mod accessory

• GoPro Hero 11 Black: HyperView captures 8:7 and reformats it to 16:9
• GoPro Hero 10 Black: 
SuperView captures 16:9 with a slightly less wide vertical field of view

• GoPro Hero 11 Black: Features a host of Night Effect modes
• GoPro Hero 10 Black: 
No Night Effect Modes supported

• GoPro Hero 11 Black: Enduro battery and features more efficient software
• GoPro Hero 10 Black: 
Standard battery and less efficient software
PRICE – The hero 11 Black standard price is around 449USD while the Hero 10 Black can be found at 399USD, so its basically a 50 USD difference and it’s well worth getting the latest and most advanced model.

GoPro Accessories (best of 2022)

If you already have an action camera, Black Friday might be the best time to get some cool accessories for a good price. Check out our Best GoPro Accessories of 2022 list and see if you can find a good deal for those top choices.

Some products are a MUST-HAVES in any GoPro accessories bag.

TELESIN 2-Pack Replacement Batteries and Allin Box Charger

You can not live without spare batteries because an action camera chews them up like nothing. If you shoot with 4k and high fps you are sure to run out of juice sooner than expected. Add cold weather to the equation and you are left with 20 minutes at best. This is why you need AT LEAST two spares. I highly suggest alternatives to the original GoPro batteries to save a lot of money.
TELESIN batteries with the box charger are one of the best options out there and they last as long as the originals.

Camera Butter ND Filters

GoPro ND filters

If you are shooting action that involves any type of speed, an ND filter will add just a little bit of motion blur to help smooth out your video, make it look more cinematic, and help avoid overexposing your precious footage image in bright sun. Camera Butter makes some of the best ND filters for GoPro cameras, and makes twist-on style filters for the Hero 9, 10, 11 mini, plus stick-on filters for the Hero 5, 6, 7, 8.

Clarifii Water Repellent and Anti Fog Lens Accessory for GoPro, DSLR, and Drone

My all-time favorite. Read the Clarifii review and order one today! It’s super cheap and is probably the most impactful accessory to any camera that might get wet or water droplets on the lens. It has saved me in so many situations and the tiny bottle of the solution lasts for a lifetime because you only need a few drops of it on the lens.

SANDMARC Cinema CPL (Polarizer) Filter for GoPro Hero 11, 10 & 9 Cameras

If you were to buy just one lens for your GoPro camera or any other camera for that matter you want a Circular Polarizer lens. It removes nasty reflections, makes the sky contrasty and blue, and adds so much to your photos without the need to post-process later on your laptop. They are inexpensive, even the good ones and easy to use. Sandmarc is a solid brand that has a good following and great reputation so they are safe to buy.

Whatever you choose, be smart and try to make all your holiday shopping on Black Friday to save money. If you are not interested in spending hours and hours hunting down a discount of just 1 or 2 dollars more Amazon is the best place to watch for Black Friday discounts 2022.