GoProDome review

Stunning over-under photography with GoProDome

GoProDome is an acrylic wide-angle port that you put in front of your GoPro. A camera lens behind this optical device placed in the waterline sharpens the image on the surface and focus on a “virtual image” underwater –that is the subjects in focus look closer to the camera than they really are. The result is an impressive shot of a double scene that would never be visible to your naked eye: one that that joins both over and underwater worlds.

Compatible for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4.


Dome has been optically conceived to match with Gopro cameras and lens. The housing that goes with the lens works with Hero 3, Hero 3+ and Hero 4, so you will only have to put your camera in, turn it on and begin to take amazing over under shots, both still images and video. You will not need any additional accessories or installation.

Dome housing and lens are separate sealed, so your GoPro is fully protected in the waterproof housing while you can keep using its functions normally, including GoPro WiFi remote control.

Get shots nobody else will

Imagine you are diving with your GoPro in an amazing place where both underwater and above the surface sights are cool. Why take shots of both worlds separately? With your GoProDome you will be able to merge the best of the two of them in one single shot without expensive professional equipment.


Why to by the GoProDome

  1. Excellent quality

Dome allows you to easily get great over unders by pulling down the waterline in front of your GoPro lens, sharpening the image above water and getting the underwater part in focus.

  1. Cheaper than competitors

Dome ports are typically expensive. That’s why DIY GoPro Domes have become so popular. With us you will get the best deal on this product, not needing to spend small fortunes or build complicated gadgets.

  1. Faster delivery (US based)

The estimated delivery date is three days after the order has been shipped for US orders. Delivery outside the US can take 6 to 12 days depending on the country. Our warehouse is in Savannah, Georgia (US).