About GoProEssentials

We love GoPro cameras!
But we also love getting the best shots and videos whatever the situation may be and this is why different
GoPro accessories
are needed. Researching and comparing different accessories from different companies made our head explode.

This is why we created GoProEssentials – a place where you can find ALL reviews of any GoPro accessory on the planet. And not just regular run of the mill reviews, but really thorough and comprehensive reviews you can`t find anywhere else.

We have categorized and sorted the accessories, so you can find the best additions based on the sport you love, or your hobbies or the conditions in which you use your GoPro camera in.

Best GoPro Accessories

If you are looking for GoPro accessories that work well in water conditions to give you your perfect shot – we have you covered!
If need the most essential accessories for dirt biking – look no further!
GoProEssentials has it all!

Based in Estonia and Portuga, the team behind GoProEssentials is aiming to make your life easier and help you choose the perfect GoPro accessory YOU need.

If You want us to review something you are considering buying then please Contact Us and we will make it happen!

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