Best GoPro Editing Software

Ok, so you have your camera and a bunch of images and videos but the work isn’t done yet. You need to edit the content before you can show your work to the world. This is a rundown of the Best GoPro Editing Software in 2021 you need for your PC, Mac, or your mobile device.

Best GoPro Editing Software for images

Let’s start with the very obvious – Adobe Lightroom is probably THE best photo editing software for both desktop and mobile devices.

It`s easy to use, it has very powerful editing tools and tons of presets you can import or create yourself to keep your images consistent and speed up the editing process. The downside is that its not free – the license starts from 9.99USD and comes with 1TB of cloud storage to back up your images and sync your work across multiple devices. You can also get the Creative Cloud Photography plan (20GB) that will get you Adobe Photoshop on desktop, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop on iPad.

Adobe lightroom mobile is one of the Best GoPro Editing Software

This is not a bad deal and the storage is a great option but for a lot of people, another subscription is out of the question.

However, if you need some local edits, perspective corrections or tone editing and want a free tool on your mobile device the Snapseed app is probably the number one alternative to Adobe products.


Its free, it has tons of options but it also has some drawbacks. Its missing the HSL slider and its more for single edits rather than going over a bunch of images.

If you cant afford the Adobe subscription and Snapseed doesn’t fill all your needs then i highly suggest Darkroom for your mobile device. It can handle raw images, it has the HSL sliders and tone curves for each color channel. Darkroom is the Winner of Apple Design Award in 2020 and definitely one of Best GoPro Editing Software for mobile devices.

Darkroom app

The best part is that it has a single cost of 9.99USD that will get you a lifetime license!

Best GoPro Editing Software for Videos

GoPro makes its own editing app: GoPro app and Quick app(legacy). The GoPro app is for those auto edits that take a bunch of footage and turn it into a social-ready clip. You have somecontrol over the final result but it pretty much does the heavy lifting for you so if you want to be in total control look elsewhere.

GopPro app for video editing

LumaFusion is considered one of the best video editing apps and I have used it for all video editing on my iOs device.

Heres a list of some of the features:


• Create projects with a variety of aspect ratios (including landscape, portrait, square, widescreen film)
• Create projects for editing iPhone and iPad screen recordings
• Work in frame rates from 18fps to 240fps
• Duplicate, add notes, color-tag, search and sort your projects for easy organization


• Browse and use media directly from Photos, GNARBOX, WD Wireless,
• Drag-and-drop or import from anywhere, including cloud storage, SanDisk iXpand flash drives and SMB network drives
• Use for free – dozens of royalty-free music, loops, sound fx, videos and backgrounds OR subscribe to Storyblocks for LumaFusion to access the full library of thousands clips.
• View detailed metadata for your media
• Rename, add notes, and color-tag clips in the library
• Sort and search your library to quickly find what you need


• 6 video/audio tracks for photos, videos, audio, titles and graphics
• 6 additional audio tracks for narration, music and sound effects
• Magnetic timeline with extended features such as insert/overwrite and link/unlink clip
• Track headers for locking, hiding, and muting all tracks
• Dozens of transitions
• Display your preview on an external monitor
• Add markers with notes to your timeline
• Powerful multi-select with cut, copy, paste in and between projects


• Layer effects including chroma key, blurs, distort, styles and color in any order to create an endless variety of effects.
• Use powerful color correction tools
• Select from included color LUTs like FiLMiC deLog or import your own .cube or .3dl
• Add unlimited keyframes to animate any effect or color
• Save and share effect presets


• Create slow motion/fast motion forward and reverse
• Create smooth slow motion with 120 and 240fps files
• Edit with time-lapse video files


• Keyframe audio levels and panning for perfect mixes
• Listen to your mix while adjusting track levels
• Fill-from-left and fill-from-right for dual-mono audio captures
• Select tracks from multiple track files (perfect for screen recordings)
• Duck background music during dialog with Auto-ducking
• Add audio filters and EQ


• Create multi-layer titles with text, shapes and images
• Adjust font, color, face, border and shadow
• Import custom fonts including multi-color fonts
• Save and share title presets or styles


• Easily share movies anywhere with control over resolution, compression quality, and format
• Snapshot a photo of any frame in your project to the Photos app
• Archive projects + media for backup or to edit on another iPhone or iPad
• Export to Final Cut Pro X (FCPXML) for further editing on the desktop (FCPXML Export is an additional in-app purchase feature)


Its a single-purchase lifetime license and only costs 29.99USD so not too much for such a powerful tool.