GoPro Hero6 Black leaked: Shoots 4K at 60fps

As we are all anxiously waiting for the release of the new GoPro Hero6 Black that is due to be unveiled at the end of September 2017 some images have of course leaked out already. The leak comes from Best Buy in Canada that accidentally put the product up a bit ahead of its official reveal.

GoPro Hero6 Black leaked
GoPro Hero6 Black leaked

It looks like the new GoPro Hero6 Black has the same physical appearance as the Hero5 so you can use all your previous accessories. The main differences are under the hood and here`s what to expect:

  • Recording up to 4K at 60fps
  • Faster slo-mo: 1080p at 240fps
  • Custom-designed GoPro GP1 processor
  • Waterproof to 10m without a case just like the Hero5

The biggest update is that you will now be able to shoot 4k videos at 60fps instead of 30fps that the Hero5 is capable of. 1080p has also been upgraded to shoot 240 frames per second for the joy of all you slow motion fans out there.

GoPro will no longer use an Ambarella processor from the Hero6 onwards but will start using a custom-built processor called GP1. Hopefully, this new processor will save you some battery life while giving higher performance out of your camera. Taking full control over the image processing could very well mean better quality and longer battery life, seems like GoPro is following Apple footsteps with this move controlling almost the full stack of the production of iPhones.

So how much do you need to cough up for the new toy?
According to info provided to The Verge, the Hero 6 Black will cost $649 in Canada, which could be US$499 and probably around  £499 in the UK. The Hero 5 Black costs around £399 currently, and we will need to see if the price will drop with the arrival of GoPro Hero6 Black.

GoPro Hero6 Black leaked
GoPro Hero6 Black leaked

We have already heard about the plan to introduce Fusion – the consumer 360-degree camera that is supposed to hit the shelves later this year so we will probably hear about it in the September event also. Regarding the other devices in GoPro lineup – the Session, the Karma drone and Karma grip there haven`t been much news.

Karma grip will probably get a physical update with some new features and Karma drone will most likely to get a firmware update adding a follow feature like the DJI drones have. No news of any updates on the Session so far.

The GoPro event will be held on September 28th so we will know more details after that.


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