GoScope Pro Flex Case

GoScope Pro Flex Case
GoScope Pro Flex Case

GoScope Pro Flex Case  is a foldable canvas case for GoPro cameras and GoPro accessories. Different from hard cases, this one aims to help organize the accessories by having a dedicated pocket for every single piece and accessory.

I have tested a similar foldable canvas bag by Sandmarc so it`s good to compare those two and see how they stack against each other and how they compare to the more traditional hard cases.


GoScope Pro Flex Case overview

GoScope Pro Flex Case
GoScope Pro Flex Case

The foldable case by GoScope follows the super high-quality standard that you can expect from all their products. The fabric is strong and thick, the velcros withstand a lot of abuse and don`t wear out fast and the overall impression is really amazing.


  • Stores 3 GoPro cameras or other bigger items
  • Small, medium and large pockets
  • Rolling design allows you to easily see and organize your mounts
  • Durable Ballistic Nylon exterior with water repellent coating
  • Elastic straps for efficiently storing your mounts
  • See-through pocket for a smartphone

The inside of the case is bright green which is actually a pretty useful “feature” because it`s easyer to get a good overview of what accessory is where etc. The middle section has a bungee strip for smaller items like screws and pivot arms and the sides have mesh pockets lined with bungee. This is where the GoScope Pro Flex Case has a big advantage over Sandmarc Armor Bag (read the review Here). You can see inside the pockets and know exactly where to reach for the accessory you need at any given moment. The bungee keeps the items from sliding out at random times. It also has two pockets with zippers for extra security perfect to store memory cards or other items that you feel are more valuable than a screw.

GoScope Pro Flex Case
GoScope Pro Flex Case

If you want a place to store your GoPro pole then GoScope has thought of that also. The bag has two mesh inserts so you can push the pole through and it will stay in place.

The main compartment has 3 sections to fit three GoPro cameras or similar items. I used it to carry a GoPro, a Knoq Qudos light and the WiFi remote in it. The sides of the compartment are aligned with soft furry fabric for extra protection and the “lid” is made of mesh and secured with a zipper. The compartment also has a hole – i have no idea what purpose does it serve…

The outside of GoScope Pro Flex Case is nice and is actually water repellent, which is a good thing since it`s a fabric case so you don`t get a soaking wet case when going out in a rainy day. The case has two carabiner rings so you can attach a carry strap on it of attach it to your backpack. It also has a hanging hook but to be honest i would only trust it for storing at home since it`s just a hook and not a carabiner that you can lock.

I have one issue with foldable bags – when you roll it up it`s pretty chunky. The fabric itself takes so much room for itself. I actually had to loosen the closing clips at the maximum length to close them down when i had all my gear in the pockets. So it`s a small tradeoff – with the foldable bags you get the massive benefit of keeping every accessory organized and this is wonderful if you have a lot of small bits you need. But you can pretty much pack them all in a slightly smaller hard case, you just need more patience to go through the pile every time you need something. You also need a surface to roll the bag out so it might be harder when on the go.
So this comes down to personal taste and I’m not sure yet whether i prefer a cluttered hard case or the super organized roll-up soft case. Another benefit of the canvas roll-up bag is that it`s more flexible so it might be a bit more convenient to pack it in a backpack.

GoScope Pro Flex Case
GoScope Pro Flex Case

What we love about GoScope Pro Flex Case

  • Super high quality materials
  • Nice colors
  • water repellent outside
  • Mesh pockets
  • Elastic trims on pockets
  • Zipper pockets
  • Dedicated compartment for GoPros
  • Huge – fits a lot of items
  • Shoulder strap clips
  • Smartphone pocket


  • The fabric itself takes too much room

What we don`t love about the GoScope Pro Flex Case

  • Hanging hook is not secure