Sandmarc Armor Bag

Sandmarc Armor Bag
Sandmarc Armor Bag

Sandmarc Armor Bag is a roll-up design carry bag for GoPro cameras and accessories. A pretty unique approach to a carry bag and there are not that many roll-up bags out there.

The first impression of the Sandmarc Armor Bag was pretty good but a bit apprehensive – will all my little screws and clamps and cables stay in the bag? Being used to enclosed bags and cases with solid zippers the roll-up design looked a bit suspicious since the only thing keeping it together is the velcro.

Does it hold up to the test? Keep reading and find out!

Sandmarc Armor Bag
Sandmarc Armor Bag

Sandmarc Armor Bag quality and materials

The bag itself is made of light and durable industrial grade canvas. Without any gear in it, it weighs 300 grams (11 Ozs) so pretty lightweight. The canvas looks solid and the seams look durable so there`s no worries of it ripping or coming loose in the seams.

The bag has a carry handle on top and and a shoulder carry strap that`s included with the bag. The velcro is wide and feels really solid, not like some of the flimsy velcros you get from the local fabric store – i felt really comfortable with the bag dangling around and didn`t hve any fears of the velcro coming undone and the bag spilling it`s contents.

Sandmarc Armor Bag
Sandmarc Armor Bag

Using the Sandmarc Armor Bag

The inside has three big compartments so you can either store 3 GoPro cameras in them or in my case- a GoPro a Knog Qudos light and the GoPro remote. The three compartments have a velcro strap to keep the items from falling out.

The outer sides have 6 larger pouches on each side so 12 in total. use them to store the quick-release clamps, or memory cards or any other smaller accessory. The middle section of the Sandmarc Armor Bag features a bungee cord with different sections. The bungee was probably my favorite feature and was a lot more comfortable to use and felt a bit more secure than the side pouches.

Sandmarc Armor Bag
Sandmarc Armor Bag
  • 12 small loops that fit the screws
  • 4 medium loops
  • 2 big loops

I used the bigger loops for the extra skeleton door, cables, and spare batteries. some of the side pouches were left unused and frankly, I felt like some of them could be less deeper and perhaps feature a bungee cord on the edge because some of the smaller items kept sliding out when the bag was laid out on a tilted rock. This might be a small issue for those who might use the bag in more rugged conditions.

You have two adjustable straps on the inside to fit a pole, you have enough leeway to fit two thinner poles or one really thick one.

Sandmarc Armor Bag
Sandmarc Armor Bag

I took the bag out for a spin holding a bunch of gear in it:

  • GoPro Hero4 Silver
  • Knog Qudos light
  • GoPro Wifi remote
  • Skeleton back door
  • 2 USB charger cables
  • Wifi remote Charger cable
  • 2 Spare Batteries
  • 5 pivot arms
  • 5 screws
  •  3 mounting buckles
  • Extra SD card
  • Wiping cloth
  • GoScope Boost PLUS pole

There was a bit more room to spare so it fits even more stuff but for this shoot there was no need for more gear.

What I really like about the bag is that it`s soft and flexible. The hard cases can sometimes be a bit tedious to fit in a big backpack because they are rigid but this one is a bit easier to handle due to the fact that it`made of fabric. There`s plenty of room to fit most of the essential gear and keeps them nicely separated and organized.

Sandmarc Armor Bag
Sandmarc Armor Bag

What we love about Sandmarc Armor Bag

  • Very durable fabric
  • High-quality materials, seams and velcro
  • Flexible
  • Plenty of pouches and pockets
  • Fits a pole or a monopod
  • carry handle and a shoulder strap


  • Some of the pocket sizes could be more functional

Things we don`t love about the Sandmarc Armor Bag

  • The larger side pockets could have a bungee to keep the items in the pouches

Sandmarc Armor Bag – Our verdict!

It`s a great bag with a nice concept and it has plenty of room to fit a lot of accessories. The only drawback that i was not that happy about it that you have to lay it out completely if you want to access the camera so you need some space for it. This means you need a solid ground or an even surface to roll it out and if you don`t have it some of the items might fall out of the side pockets. This is something that might not be an issue to most of the users but if you know that you want to use the bag in harsher conditions you need to consider this.

For the everyday user the bag is perfect though! Small, lightweight and durable. You can get it for only 29 USD and for that price the bag is definitely worth getting!

You can get the bag from Sandmarc webpage.


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