GoScope Surface Floating GoPro Hand Grip

GoScope Surface is like the little brother of the other GoScope massive pole lineup. (Check out the review of GoScope Boost Plus Brush Camo)

GoScope Surface is a small grip type pole (that sounds weird 😀 ) that follows the GoScope quality standards. I have said this before – GoScope makes the best poles on the planet and GoScope Surface doesn`t fall short. So, let`s dive in and take a look.

GoScope Surface Packaging.

I was ecstatic when I first saw the packaging of the GoScope Boost Plus Brush – nice cardboard box with a “door” and a seethrough panel to display all the bits of the pole like it`s in a fancy display case. Surface is no different. When you open the door, that has small velcro attachments, you can see the Surface itself plus the additions that come with it. Every item in the box has a separate compartment so it`s brilliant for storing also.

What`s included?

  • GoScope Surface
  • GoPro quick mount
  • GoPro screw
  • Lanyard with rubber padding
  • Lanyard attachment screw
  • Remote clip

The Quick mount is even better than the original sine it has an integrated rubber guard.

The lanyard is pretty decent and has a rubber padding. It`s pretty stiff so calling it a padding is probably no that accurate but what it`s good for is that it helps with getting your hand in the loop. It would be pure canvas it will float and dangle around and if you only have one hand free the rubber piece actually helps you getting your hand through. Also useful when in the water.

The remote clip is probably a standard for GoScope and I totally see the point for it on a long pole, but for a such a small grip it`s not that necessary. Although, if you have your remote on the grip it will make it easy to take photos without changing your hand position – I`ll take my words back – the remote clip is perfect for the Surface. But your choice, attach it or not, your choice, it`s still good to have that option though right?

GoScope Surface – What`s it like?

Pretty simple. You have the grip part and the clip part.

The pole itself is bright green and made of durable plastic so it stands out in the water if you happen to lose it. The grip is covered with black rubber coating that has crisscross cuts in it to make sure it never slips out of your hands.

The bottom features the lanyard attachment screw hole and here`s the coolest part- you can screw off the bottom part and reveal the storage compartment. That`s right, the pole is hollow inside and you can store your keys or money or whatever small valuables you have that you need t carry with you. Awesome! 

Like with all GoScope poles you have TWO GoPro attachments on top, so you can have two cameras or one camera + one light or one camera + mobile phone or whatever you want.

The Surface can actually float with two GoPro cameras attached!

And that`s it. It`s a small pole/grip and a great one!

GoScope is an awesome company run by an awesome family making awesome gear – so if you are looking for a great small grip for your action camera this one is the way to go!

What I love about GoScope Surface

  • Amazing build quality
  • Additional accessories
  • TWO attachment points
  • Compartment inside

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