Feiyu Tech gimbals comparison

Feiyu Tech is in my mind one of the very top gimbal brands, at least when it comes to GoPro and action camera gimbals. I haven`t had the chance to try their other gimbals but the Feiyu Tech G5 and the Feiyu Tech GW2 rock my socks off. Lets put the two Feiyu Tech gimbals side by side and see who comes out a winner.

Feiyu Tech gimbals
Feiyu Tech gimbals

Let`s take a closer look at two of the contestants and see which one is the right gimbal for you!

First on up is Feiyu Tech G5 – the all-around handheld gimbal that competes with the Karma Grip and others. G5 is very high-quality gimbal that has a long-lasting (and removable) battery. It has all the essentials you need from a gimbal, like an app for remote control or a handy carry pouch or tripod screws for easy mounting. Plus, it`s splashproof, so you can take it on an adventure with you!

Feiyu Tech gimbals
Feiyu Tech gimbals

WG2, on the other hand, is a different beast. It`s a lot smaller and doesn`t have the normal “handle” and that`s because the WG2 is mainly a wearable gimbal. It`s  small, lightweight and compact so you can wear it on your helmet, chest harness, wrist or wherever you want. It has two tripod screws so you can actually transform it into a regular gimbal by attaching a simple handgrip to it. When G5 is splashproof then the WG2 is actually waterproof  – brilliant!

Let`s dig in and compare the two:


Feiyu Tech G5 Feiyu Tech WG2
Panning Mode Panning Mode
Panning and Tilting Mode Panning and Tilting Mode
Lock mode Lock mode
Selfie mode Selfie mode
Sel-Rotation mode

0:1 to WG2 – The self-rotation mode is really brilliant for time-lapse videos. You can set the start point, the endpoint and the turning speed and the WG2 does the magic.

Feiyu Tech G5 compatible cameras
Feiyu Tech G5 compatible cameras

Key Features:

Feiyu Tech G5 Feiyu Tech WG2
Splash Proof Water Proof
Live charging No live charging
Bluetooth connectivity Bluetooth connectivity
Joystick No Joystick
Removable battery Integrated Battery
Battery time: 8 hours Battery time: 2.5 hours
Weight: 271g (Not including battery, camera or counter weight ) Weight: 130g
Limited Roll and Tilt 360° Roll, Tilt and Pan

3:3 in this round.
G5 has the advantage in Live Charging, Joystick and longer Battery life whereas the WG2 is waterproof, is a lot lighter and has unlimited 360° Roll, Tilt and Pan.

Feiyu Tech G5 pan tilt roll
Feiyu Tech G5 pan tilt roll

Although Removable Battery is an advantage in theory for the G5 it makes it heavier and bigger so in my mind this evens it out. Live charging is something you may or may not use and the fact that there is one more place for dust or water to get in it can also be a disadvantage.
So in terms of key features, they are pretty evenly matched and have very different advantages that make them unique.

The two really really good Feiyu Tech gimbals are one of the best on the market right now. They look cool- sleek metal design with rubber details for perfect grip. The neoprene pouch makes them great to carry with you and protect from the elements.

Feiyu Tech WG2 helmet mount
Feiyu Tech WG2 helmet mount

The one thing they both suck at a bit and other Feiyu Tech gimbals actually are the manual and the app. Not that the app itself is bad but whoever is in charge of translations should perhaps look in the mirror and find someone who is a native speaker, or at least knows English.

One other thing that has caused some concerns and I have received comments and emails about this. The motor noise – with HERO4 the gimbals are absolutely silent and you can barely hear any noise from the motors working hard to keep the image stable. But if you use HERO5 or HERO6 it`s a bit different. The microphones are right against the metal surface and the sound travels from the metal parts to the mic of the GoPro camera and you will hear the motors in your videos.

The solution is to switch on the Wind Noise cancellation mode in your camera, but that doesn`t remove it completely. So that being said, I have tested other gimbals and Feiyu Tech gimbals are at the same level when you use HERO5 and 6 but they perform better when using HERO4.

So, Which gimbal is for YOU?

Get the WG2 if you:

  • Want to attach the gimbal to yourself or to somewhere unstable
  • Don`t care about a relatively short battery life
  • Want a time-lapse functionality
  • Want the gimbal to be as small as possible
  • Want to have a waterproof gimbal

Get the G5 if you:

  • Want a good travel gimbal
  • Need longer battery life
  • Want to be able to have a spare battery with you
  • Don`t need to have a waterproof gimbal
  • Use it mostly handheld

So weight the pros and cons of both of these Feiyu Tech gimbals and if you have made up your mind get them from Amazon:

Feiyu Tech G5

G5 from Amazon.com

G5 from Amazon.co.uk

G5 from AliExpress Store

Feiyu Tech WG2

WG2 from Amazon.com

WG2 from Amazon.co.uk

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