Jobi Action Battery Grip Review

One of the biggest issues when shooting with action cameras is the battery life. Shooting at high resolution and a high frame rate, your camera uses a lot of juice to keep going. You can fix that with extra batteries but what if you run low on battery during a shoot and you can´t stop to change the battery?

This is where Joby Action Battery Grip comes to help! It’s a fantastic, lightweight grip that can triple your battery life! You can keep your camera plugged into the external battery while shooting and get disruption free footage you want. You can even use it to charge your smartphone or any other device you have with you!

Jobi action battery grip
Jobi action battery grip


  • Triple the life of your action cam. This grip has a built-in battery that can recharge your action camera fully two times while you’re out on your adventure.
  • Comes with USB charging cable. A shorter cord makes it easy to charge your GoPro while in use. Even charge any accessory – including your smartphone.
  • Resizable tether for an added and secure hold. The removable wrist strap provides extra security against drops.
  • Bottom 1⁄4″-20 mount for numerous mounting options. Mount to a tripod for an eye-level, hands-free set-up, or to the UltraPlate 208 to create a powered mini rig.
  • Works with any action cam with 1⁄4″-20 design. Comes with built-in, standard GoPro mount and thumb screw, plus includes a top pin for use with any other action camera (1⁄4″-20 screw).


Small Size: Grip is only 6 inches long as used on GoPro, 7 inches with 1/4″-20 adapter for Sony/ other action cam.

Lightweight: Keep things nimble with one of the lightest battery grips on the market. Weight: 164g | 5.8oz | .36lbs.

Quality Electronics: Engineered with both NTC thermistor and protecting IC to safeguard against battery overcharge and short circuit.

Capacity to Go: Charge your GoPro or phone multiple times or shoot while connected to triple your shooting time.


You need to use the open case that allows your GoPro to connect to a USB cable to use it as a charger, but you can always use it as a regular grip for any activity that requires a closed casing. The Grip is very lightweight and comfortable. The soft molded silicone grip is perfect for having a solid grasp and not fearing that your precious GoPro will slip out of your hands.
The bottom of the grip features a standard tripod screw so you can attach the grip to any tripod and get long shooting times and never miss a moment due to sudden battery loss.



You can buy the Joby Action Battery Grip for around 70 USD.

It´s not the cheapest grip but considering you will get a battery bank for your GoPro or any other electronic device this is a great bang for the buck. Joby quality is next to nothing and you can be sure the product top notch quality.

We definitely recommend getting this cool little grip/power bank and you don´t have to carry around multiple batteries that always get lost.


Where to get it

Joby Action Battery Grip is available from their website HERE