TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L

TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L
TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L

Let`s be honest, If you have a GoPro you have shitloads accessories scattered around. If you are lucky you have them all organised and when it`s time to grab your gear and head out you don`t get a panic attack, frantically looking through your stuff making sure you have your cables, your mounts your poles, your tripods, your gimbals, your batteries, etc, etc. with you. If I had a penny for every time I have gone out with a clear purpose of getting some cool shots and only when arriving at location I have realized I had forgotten a critical mount or accessory I would have a bit more pennies than I have now šŸ™‚

TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L
TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L

EnterĀ TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L – This is the big brother in TENBAs lineup of action camera backpacks that is here to help you get organized and carry EVERYTHING with you. I have reviewed the Incase Action Camera Pro Pack that is also for the GoPro fan and that backpack is amazing, let`s see how theĀ TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L compares.

TENBA has a HUGE lineup of different bags ranging from behemoth sized rolling cases for the pros to smaller messenger bags and accessory pouches and they also have two GoPro specific backpacks – a 12L and a 14L bags, that are similar… but different. Let`s take a closer look at theĀ TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L

TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L overview

TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L
TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L

The bag has a 14-litre total capacity, and in normal people terms, that`s big enough šŸ˜€ You have the big compartment that opens from the back, you have two fairly large compartments in the front. Two small pouches with mesh inner pocketsĀ in the very front and a small sunglasses compartment at the top of the bag. Both sides have fairly roomy pocketsĀ and straps on the sides.

Here`s the list of all the main features:

  • The main compartment – Fits four organizer pouches for all your gear plus more
  • Organization pouches – see-through front, Zippers, Front labels, carry straps, Velcro separators
  • See-through PVC pouch – A large compartment with a zipper
  • Large tethered wallet – For smaller accessories like screws, pivot arms, etc. The wallet has a removable line tether
  • Small tethered wallet – For memory cards.Ā The wallet has a removable line tether
  • Sunglasses compartment – Pretty obviously for sunglasses, but you can throw any other smaller stuff in there that you want to access fast
  • Large front compartment – Fits a small laptop or a tablet, you can squeeze in a pair of pants and a T-shirt also. Has covered opening for water hose or earphone cord
  • Medium front compartment – Fits a tablet, notebook, phones, etc.
  • Two small front compartments. Perfect for small stuff like your phone, snacks, keys, pens, Also holds the Tripod straps
  • Side pockets – For Water bottles, thermoses, tripod or a pole
  • Side Straps – Secure your stuff in the side pockets
  • Bottom tripod harness – You can strap a tripod at the bottom of the backpack
  • Trolley straps – If you have a trolley case you can strap yourĀ TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L to the pull handles
  • Shoulder straps – padded straps with chest strap
  • Waist strap – for extra support
  • Double sided rain cover – keep your stuff dry, black or silver side
TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L
TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L

Now let`s look at some of them a bit closer.

The main compartment opens from the back and has the four pouches in it. The pouches have a VelcroĀ attachment so they will stay in place even if the bag is not fully packed. All the pouches have see-through cover panels with label inserts and a carry strap. You can also separate the stuff in the pouches with a removable Velcro walls. The pouches are big enough to fit all your small gear and the see-through top panel makes it easy to find the important stuff so you don`t actually need the labels that much. But anyways, TENBA has included some default labels and some blank labels that you can write on in case you want to keep the labels on. Even if the pouches are full you still have some extra space on the sides to fit a small gimbal or a small tabletop tripod or a rolled up T-shirt if you need to or you can just take out the pouches if you want to convert it to a regular day pack and go for a hike or stroll around town.

TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L
TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L

The tethered wallets hidden in the back door ofĀ TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L can be useful, but I prefer keeping the small mounts all together in one of the pouches and I only have 2 memory cards that I keep in a small plastic container and that I throw in with the rest of my gear, so I don’t really need either of those wallets. But the cool thing about them is that they have a tether line attached for extra security.

The sunglasses compartment is nice and roomy and fitted my glasses plus a protein bar, two pens, keys and a remote cord for my DSLR.

TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L
TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L

The large front compartment is nice and fits a small laptop or a tablet plus maybe some smaller stuff. It has a covered hole that is designed for a water reservoir hose, so you can slurp water if you are too lazy to carry a regular bottle or if you take the bag for in conditions where you need to keep hydrated but you also need to be constantly on the move and use your hands (for example downhill biking)

The front medium compartment is smaller but can still fit a tablet and smaller junk. The two small front compartments are perfect for your phone and stuff with similar size, They have mesh pocket inside to keep things organized.

I like that the side pockets are big enough to fit a water bottle but also a Tripod. You can strap your gear down with straps that have clip connectors.


TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L
TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L
TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L
TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L

The waist straps are wide enough and pretty comfortable, of course, they are not as padded as you see on heavy-duty hiking bags but they are nice enough and do the job fine. Plus, when you have the waist strap attached you can access the back panel without really taking the backpack off – take your arms out of the shoulder straps and sling the bag to your front. The waist strap will keep the bag in place and keep it from falling off and you can easily access the main compartment.

When you are carrying the expensive gear you want to make sure they are protected from rain.Ā TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L has a double sided rain cover that you can use – one side is black and one is silver. TIP: put the rain cover on if you are in crowded places to protect you from pickpockets!

TIP: put the rain cover on if you are in crowded places to protect youĀ from pickpockets!

TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L
TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L

The overall look and feel is super nice and looks like theĀ TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L is made of quality materials. It`s lightweight but feels tough. I love the back panels that feel comfortable even when carrying the bag for a longer period of time, the panels have an airflow channel in the middle to keep your back from sweating on hot days.

What I was missing the most is a large pouch for my DSLR – If the bag is full, using all four organization pouches you have no room for an extra camera. The front pockets are more for flatter items and even when using a small setup: Canon 600D+50mm I couldn`t fit it in the bag.

What I love about TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L

  • Great organization pouches
  • Good materials
  • Nice design
  • Wide side pockets
  • Clever tripod mounting system at the bottom
  • Waist straps


  • I wish it had a compartment that could fit a smaller DSLR

Things I don`t love

  • Nothing really that bothers me, for its small size of 14L it`s pretty good


TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L ā€“ Final Verdict

It`s a nice backpack – not too big not too small. If you don`t carry a larger camera with you and only stick to your GoPro gear this bag is perfect. But if you have larger items you might want to consider the Incase Action Camera Pro Pack thatĀ has bigger volume and a top compartment for a DSLR. The bag isn`t cheap but the build quality it top notch so if you are looking for a nice backpack please don`t go for the cheapest Chinese crap and get something that will last you longer, like the TENBA bag.

BTW, Tenba bags are designed in New York and are highly appraised by a lot of professionals!


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TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L
TENBA Shootout ActionPack 14L

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