Wandrd PRVKE 31L Camera Backpack with Photography Bundle

Although this is not a dedicated action camera backpack, the Wandrd PRVKE series has long ago caught my eye in Instagram where they have a really nice and visually compelling feed. The vibe I get from the Wandrd brand really speaks to me and I think the people who buy a Wandrd bag are the same adventurous people who use action cameras. That’s the main reason I really really wanted to get my hands on one of their already legendary Wandrd PRVKE ( pronounced “Provoke”) series backpacks.

Wandrd PRVKE 31L
Wandrd PRVKE 31L

Wandrd PRVKE Overview

I got my hands on the bigger player in the lineup – the 31-liter Wandrd PRVKE with the Photography Bundle. You can either go for just the bag or get the addition of Travel Bundle that includes the Rain Cover, additional straps (very multi-purpose) and waist straps or the Photography Bundle that has the Camera Cube in addition to the stuff in the Travel Bundle.

The bag is made of waterproof Tarpaulin and Robic 1680D Ballistic Nylon, which is probably the best Nylon grade you can ask for. The waterproof Tarpaulin is a waterproof material also used a lot in the military. The tarpaulin is a smooth material and this gives the bag a nice subtle shine and makes it look pretty posh. It actually has a very similar sleek finish to it as one of my favorite backpack the InCase Action Camera Pro Pack. One thing About the material though is that scratches show up more on the surface of the bag than for example on Nylon. The 31L version is pretty big but still compact enough to be allowed as carry-on so that Is a major benefit of the bag.

Specs and Features of the Wandrd PRVKE with the Photography Bundle :

  • Dimensions: 19″H X 12.5″W X 7.5″D
  • Volume: 31 L to 36 L (roll top fully extended)
  • Weight: 1.5 kg (3.4 lbs)
  • Quick side camera access
  • Checkpoint friendly laptop and tablet sleeve
  • Magnetic tote handles
  • Fleece sunglasses/phone pocket
  • Weather resistant zippers
  • Expandable water bottle/tripod pocket
  • Secure passport pocket 
  • Removable camera protection
  • Removable Camera Cube
  • Fully customizable Cube inserts
  • Removable Waist Straps
  • Multi-use adjustable straps
  • Rain Cover
  • Key attachment pocket
  • Chest strap
  • Rolltop closure

Wandrd PRVKE in-depth review

Wandrd PRVKE 31L
Wandrd PRVKE 31L

To make this easyer to read just assume the Camera Cube is part of this ensemble and the review is for the bag WITH the Photography Bundle. If you get just the bag your experience with it will be different.

I have seen a lot of really praising reviews about the PRVKE series so I was both excited and apprehensive when waiting for the bag to arrive because my hopes were high and I really didn`t want to be disappointed. (read on to find out if I was at the end…) I have used quite a few different backpacks and you can read the review of the Incase Action Camera Pro Pack for GoPro cameras or the review of the Tenba ShootOut ActionPack 14L which are both great bags but lack something I was hoping the Wandrd PRVKE would have – Room for random day stuff and larger gear.

Wandrd PRVKE 31L
Wandrd PRVKE 31L

The bag is pretty much divided into Two parts: the bottom that fits the Camera Cube to stash all your photography gear in it and the top part with the expandable roll-top for your random nicknacks, clothes, sandwitches etc. Without the Camera Cube you can, of course, fit all sorts of stuff in there as well.

Wandrd PRVKE 31L
Wandrd PRVKE 31L

The Camera cube fits in the bag with a velcro at the back of the cube and a small velcro wrapper to keep the side opening from “falling in” The quick-draw side access has a zipper pocket to tuck the Cubes lid into so that you get direct access just from the backpacks lid and don`t need to open the Cube separately. The Quick-access door also features a memory card pouch that has three mesh pockets that are large enough to also fit spare camera batteries. The dividers in the Cube are thinner than what you typically get with photography gear but that I think is a good thing because that saves space. You can pretty much arrange them in any way you want and make them really fit whatever gear you have. I managed to easily fit my small DSLR with a 50mm lens, a wide angle lens, external HDD, GNARBOX, Filter case, Small tripod, Pocket knife, two Lume Cubes, Litra Light, GoPro Hero4, GoPro Hero6 and that actually left some room for more. You can access your gear from wither the quick-draw side access or from the back of the backpack.

Wandrd PRVKE 31L
Wandrd PRVKE 31L Quick Draw Camera Access
Wandrd PRVKE 31L
Wandrd PRVKE 31L

The Wandrd PRVKE opens like a typical camera bag –  unzipping the back panel. The zippers have small lanyard loops with plastic hoops to make it really easy to grab onto even if you have thick winter gloves on. The back panel of the Wandrd PRVKE opens outside the back straps so that the straps are actually attached to the panel instead of the panel opening inside the straps. Sometimes, I found it a bit annoying because you need to lift the straps and the carry handles a bit to move the zippers from one end to the other. I would prefer the back panel being inside the back straps. Once you open the back panel you can access the Camera Cube that`s closed with another zipper so your stuff doesn`t fall out accidentally or the top section of the bag via mesh pocket which is perfect because you can peek inside without the need to open it up. The fact that you can just pull out the Camera Cube (with some tinkering) with your gear to make room for something else I think is great. Being able to convert the bag between a regular backpack and a camera backpack is huge in my opinion.

The top part, that you can use for all sorts of stuff like a hoodie, or your snacks or other camera gear that you can pile together. I fitted two GoPro accessory organizer bags, one GoPro hard-case, Canon 430EX Speedlight, GoPro gimbal and a second DSLR Body (not in the picture, as I was using it) and there was still room to fit more stuff. The Roll-top allows to increase the volume 5 litres so I feel extremely confident that I can fit pretty much all my stuff there if needed. And if the top part is half empty just roll the closure all the way up and the bag is nice and small again. 

You can also access the top part from the back panel – the compartment has a mesh access so you can access the stuff that is placed lower without needing to pull out everything. The roll-top has small velcro patches to keep it nice and tight and the hook keeps it secure. I`m not sure if I`m a big fan of the hook, maybe because I`m really used to the traditional plastic clip but the hook looks badass at least 🙂 The Wandrd PRVKE has multiple loops for the hook so works great even if the roll-top is pretty much fully extended and full of stuff. You can also detach the divider and fold it down so you only have one big compartment.

Wandrd PRVKE 31L
Wandrd PRVKE 31L Key Pocket

In addition to the two main sections of the bag – the roll-top upper compartment and the lower compartment that fits the Camera Cube the bag features TEN other pockets:

  • Back panel Passport pocket – Zipper, two pockets inside
  • Front – Zipper on the right, slim full-size pocket (great for magazines, documents, maps, etc.)
  • Top fleece pocket – Zipper, soft fleece, perfect for sunglasses, mobile phones, etc.
  • Quickdraw side pocket – Zipper, has mesh dividers inside.
  • Expandable side pocket – open top, great for tripods, water bottles, etc.
  • Bottom pocket – Zipper, for storing the rain cover
  • Key pocket – Small zipper pocket that has a plastic clip inside to secure items.
  • Checkpoint friendly laptop sleeve – Bungee strap, fits 15,4″ laptop
  • Tablet sleeve – Bungee strap
  • Waist strap pocket – small, zipper pocket

The bag also has multiple loops in various locations for attaching the adjustable straps. You can use the straps to :

  • Attach a tripod under the bag
  • Attach clothes, camping pads, skateboards, to the front
  • Secure the back panel – protects from the lid crashing flat when loaded with a heavy laptop.
Wandrd PRVKE 31L
Wandrd PRVKE 31L Fleece Pocket
Wandrd PRVKE 31L laptop and Tablet pockets
Wandrd PRVKE 31L laptop and Tablet pockets

Wandrd PRVKE – build, quality, comfort

When choosing a bag I think it comes down to two major categories of consideration: Features (pockets, compartments, size, etc, etc.) and comfort (appearance, materials, etc.)

I already touched on the appearance of the bag and i`ll give it top scores. The waterproof canvas material has a nice silky shine to it and the logo is nice and subtle and not screaming at you. The hook on the top does look rally cool and adds a lot to the bag, time will tell if it`s actually a better solution than a standard clip.

Wandrd PRVKE 31L
Wandrd PRVKE 31L

The bolstering on the back is pretty thick, not the thickest I have seen but still nice and even without bulging pads. The back bolstering can sometimes be a dealbreaker and it`s VERY individual. I prefer a flat surface instead of protruding pads and air channels so this feels good. Even when fully loaded and weighing around 15kg the bag feels comfortable. If you like to have thicker pads on your back though you might want to try it out first because if you are carrying a bag around for long hours you need to make sure the back padding fits your preference. The PRVKE has the pads and the grooves to keep you comfortable and the air between the pads keep you from sweating like an animal but they are just not too protrusive.

Wandrd PRVKE 31L
Wandrd PRVKE 31L

The waist straps are pretty decent, not as thick as you see on heavy-duty camping bags but still offer great support, are easy to clip on and off and take the load off your shoulders. You can also use the straps to sling the bag to your front and open the back of the bag without needing to put the bag down.

The shoulder straps are nice and comfortable and have removable chest straps to pull the shoulder straps closer together for a better weight distribution. They also have bungee cords to store lens caps for a quick shot.

The water-resistant zippers add to the value and will help to keep your gear dry and if you feel this is still not enough and you want to go for a walk under a waterfall just pull out the rain cover and you are good to go 😀

Wandrd PRVKE 31L
Wandrd PRVKE 31L
Wandrd PRVKE 31L
Wandrd PRVKE 31L

What I love about Wandrd PRVKE 

It`s a fantastic looking bag! I love the balance of sleek city bag and the features of an off-grid adventurer backpack. The modular system makes it very versatile and with the Camera Cube, it`s a perfect fit for someone who wants to carry some camera gear around and still be able to fit clothes, travel gear and your laptop in it. 

  • Design
  • Very durable Materials
  • Quality build
  • Size
  • Removable waist straps
  • Eight point extra strap system
  • Modular Camera Cube
  • Roll-top allows for extra storage
  • A lot of pockets
  • Rain cover included
  • Attention to details: plastic loops on zippers, etc


  • Magnetic handles – the magnets could be stronoger
  • The hook looks really cool but i`m not convinced of the ease of use yet

Things I don´t like

  • The back panel zipper could be inside the straps for more comfort

Wandrd PRVKE Final Verdict

9 out of 10. I really really really love the concept of the bag, the design is super nice and the materials feel like they could last forever. The 31L version fits Soooooooo  much stuff and the comfort is top notch. I would even say it`s more comfortable than the InCase Pro Pack. You can use it as a full-on camera bag, a camping bag, a travel bag etc.

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