UKPro Carbon Pole 40 – Extendable Carbon Fiber Pole

UKPro Carbon Pole 40
UKPro Carbon Pole 40

When picking a pole to use with your GoPro it comes down quality! UKPro Carbon Pole 40 is one of the flagship poles out there and is a great buy for anyone who wants the best bang for the buck.

We have seen and tested many different GoPro poles and selfie sticks that come in all different length, colors, materials and additional features. Some brands stay strong at the top of the food chain and one of them is UKPro.

UKPro Carbon Pole 40
UKPro Carbon Pole 40

Why choose UKPro Carbon Pole 40

UKPro Carbon Pole 40 is an extra strong, lightweight, extendable camera pole for a true enthusiast. Weighing just 0.6lbs and made with durable, corrosion resistant carbon fiber, the Carbon 40 will stick with you through the toughest challenges. The premium quality carbon fiber makes it more rigid that aluminum poles and keeps it at a very manageable weight so you can toss it in your backpack when you go snowboarding or when you are traveling on a tight weight allowance. This also means you don`t have to worry about corrosion and can use the pole in salty water. How many times have we seen those cheap Chinese poles rust up as soon as they touch water – well rest assured, UKPro Carbon Pole 40 is a different kind of beast and can withstand salt water, cold temperatures, sand, dust. Take it scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, anything where a regular metal or plastic pole would not be well suited for.

UKPro Carbon Pole 40
UKPro Carbon Pole 40 Closeup

The pole comes with a durable lanyard that you can adjust to your wrist. The lanyard is thick with a rubber padding and keeps the pole safe so you don`t lose your camera when you crash while skiing or pass out during a skydive and let go of the pole. So faint away 😀


The red rubber grip fits snug in your hand feel sturdy. The hand guard feels nice and you almost feel you can take the pole to a sword fight. The bright red handle works also as a security feature because it`s easy to spot if you happen to lose it in snow or water.

UKPro Carbon Pole 40 dimensions

It is perfect for travel uses, as it collapses down to a very small 14” (35cm) and can be expanded at its maximum to 40” (101 cm). This makes is among the most flexible mounts available.

Thanks to the carbon fiber construction, this pole is also very light weight. It weights only 0.6lbs (270 g).


UKPro Carbon Pole 40 is compatible with all GoPro cameras.


This is the ultimate premium quality camera pole. Made in the USA of premium quality carbon fiber, stainless steel, and ergonomic rubber. Definitely on of the top GoPro poles you can get your hands on!


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