Pano Pro Actioncam360 Panoramic lens Review

Pano Pro Overview

The Pano Pro MKII has been  leading the way in mirror technology for panoramic mirror lenses for over 5 years. It is the largest mirror type lens of its kind available with an unrivaled 360 degrees horizontal by 120 degree on the vertical axis.

  • . Capture your virtual moments like never before

Breathe new life to your digital photos. The possibilities are enormous, from capturing vista’s on tops of mountains to wedding photos that actually make the viewer part of the event. Busy social moments can be captured in an instant, bringing the emotions more vividly to the screen than just a normal photo can. Take professional real estate photos with a clarity never before seen, with this unrivalled virtual tour panoramic equipment.

  • Constructed with quality in mind in the UK.

To ensure the best possible quality, Pano Pro Ltd has  developed the largest panoramic mirror available worldwide, for this kind of application. Bigger mirrors help in two ways. A bigger mirror increases your camera’s focal depth, which will lead to a sharper picture. Drawing more light towards your camera  allows for a smaller aperture therefore creating a sharper picture. The Pano Pro MkII™ lens has been built to maximize every pixel of sharpness from your camera, delivering unparalleled quality.


  • User friendly design

If your a novice with computers or photography do not worry. You will be able to display your virtual moments online in a few simple steps. Place the lens on your camera either directly by screwing it onto the lens or via the tripod screw on the bottom of your camera with our universal adapter. Designed with practicality in mind, the mirror retracts into the body for storage and travelling making sure that your mountaintop vistas, busy social events and real estate virtual tours can be recorded in perfect safety

Take one photo and load it into our virtual tour software where it is quickly processed. You can now upload it straight to your own server and share using a player such as “flash Panorama player” or “Pano2VR”, upload to a third party hosting option, e-mail it to your friends or just view it on a computer with our free 360° viewer.


  • Get creative

You can produce great panoramic photos, capture stunning virtual moments and also create some great false perspective photos. Use esposure bracketing to create HDR images resulting in stunning effects when combined with third party software such as Photomatrix.

  • No more stitching

No longer are you limited to the type of virtual moment you can capture. No more taking multiple images, aligning shots and spenmding precious time stitching together 360 images and 360 video. The Pano Pro MKII will work almost anywhere from crowded places to the tops of mountains.

With cameras now having the capabilities of 10 megapixels or more as standard, almost any camera will produce great results. With the first prosumer (professional-consumer) 36 megapixel camera just released by Nikon the D800e camera, shows that the future for panoramic lenses will get better and better.

Hours spent loading multiple photos into a computer and laboriously stitching them all together to produce a 360 image will be a thing of the past.

  • Build quality

With a full glass mirror, built to the highest quality and coated with the hihest anondised plasma coating with a specially formulated protective coat, your camera is able to maximise the potential. The unique sliding mechanism means your mirror can be easily protected between shots (even when still mounted on a tripod).  High quality anodised aluminium mounting threads help for durability and accuracy, inbuilt sprit level, and a  glass central flat optic, there has be no compromise of quality at any stage.

  • Taking you into the future

Due to its unique design the Pano Pro MkII lens will need no modification or alteration when you change your camera. As cameras improve, so will your 360 degree images and video.

Pano Pro are leading the way in the field of single lens 360 video, with most of our Research and Development now focused on this we can ensure that we develop the  the best software when combined with the unique mirror will always give the best results.


actioncam360 GPH4-65 – for use with a single unmodified GoPro(R) Hero 4 range

Pano Pro Actioncam360 Panoramic lens
Pano Pro Actioncam360 Panoramic lens

Why not use your GoPro(R) Hero 4 to create amazing 360 degree video. The HERO4 is the most powerful GoPro(R) ever, features improved image quality and a 2x more powerful processor with 2x faster video frame rates. Incredible high resolution 4K30 and 1080p120 high frame rate video enable stunning, immersive footage of you and your world.

The actioncam360 is a custom designed housing that will turn your single unmodified GoPro® into a 360 degree HD Video machine.


Pano Pro Actioncam360 Features


  • Small and lightweight in design
  • British designed and made
  • Quick and easy to switch between 360 and regular shooting, just move your camera from one housing to the other!
  • No need to modify or make changes to your camera which would result in invalidating warranty
  • Use the same mountings you use for your existing housing, but orientate the camera to point vertically.
  • The mirror coating is the same technology as the Pano Pro MKII, so you can be assured you are using every effective pixel. All other optical parts are of the highest quality and optical coatings have been tailor designed for this project
  • Water resistant housing and hydrophobic coating
  • High quality optical lens with anti-reflective coating for maximum pixel sharpness



Capture everything with the 360 degree

video lens designed for use with the GoPro®

Video publishing software included and delivered via download after purchase, user codes delivered after product registration.

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