XCLEAR Nano-Suction Mount

I love simple accessories that have a big impact and by the looks o it the XCLEAR Nano-Suction Mount has the potential to be a hit.

The XCLEAR team, who is behind the new product is launching a Kickstarter campaign soon hoping to get a boost from GoPro fans and get the production going at full speed. So if you like the campaign and feel you could use a simple yet powerful GoPro mount go check out their campaign!

What is the XCLEAR Nano-Suction Mount?

Basically, it`s a plate full of micro suction cups that you can attach to the back of your GoPro.

The idea is simple – the XCLEAR Nano-Suction Mount is almost like a double-sided piece of tape but instead of actually being a piece of tape it`s a very high-tech invention that acts like a tape but has no glue.

It has butloads of tiny little suction cups that each create a super strong vacuum and grab onto the surface that you press it against. No adhesive means it will not collect dirt or leave ugly glue marks on the surface you will attach it to or your camera. If it gets dirty you can just wash it with water.

XCLEAR Nano-Suction Mount
XCLEAR Nano-Suction Mount

The Nano-Suction Mount will stick to metal, glass, wood (I assume the wood needs to be rather smooth), stone, tiles, painted surfaces, plastic, concrete, etc.

Since the suction cups are really tiny and you have millions of them the material doesn`t need to be fully flat, it can have holes or dimples in it because if some cups will not stick in one place, others will.

I`m not sure what will the minimum flat surface area be for it to stick but I assume it will depend on the camera and the angle of the surface.

XCLEAR Nano-Suction Mount
XCLEAR Nano-Suction Mount

The cool thing about the mount that excites me is that it`s so freakin` small and can literally fit in your wallet and since it has no adhesive it doesn`t stain. Now, since I haven`t had a chance to try it (it`s not in production yet) I don`t know how well it comes off from the back of your GoPro or from the surface it sticks on so we`ll have to find out later.

The retail price will be around 35 USD and you can grab it for 25 USD if you support the project in the super-early bird phase, so I think it has a reasonable price tag.

So if you are interested, go check the Kickstarter Campaign here.