Take your GoPro for a gambling trip?

Disclaimer: I was asked to write something about taking a GoPro camera to a casino or what are the best accessories for wild night at vegas with booze and money and shenanigans- so here it goes.

As with all trips, you need to ask yourself a few questions before you start packing your GoPro gear

  1. Is it indoors or outdoors
  2. Will there be physical activity
  3. Does my camera need to be waterproof
  4. Do I need quality audio
  5. Do i have fixed shots or mostly handheld

Pro Standard Grill Mount as a tripod

No, let`s answer the one by one, considering that your destination is a party trip with your friends to a casino town.

  1. 99% Indoors, so leave your GoPro Dome and floating handles behind. They take up a lot of luggage space.
  2. You will most likely not engage in some extreme sports unless you plan to get in a bar fight. And if you want to get a cool anglo of you getting punched in the mouth take the Chest Harness
  3. Nope! I always suggest taking a waterproof case (If you re using HERO4 or older) to better protect your camera but with a skeleton case you will get much better sound. With Hero5 and HERO6 this is of course not an issue – they are waterproof without any extra casing.
  4. Yes. If you are on a party trip you will most likely want to get footage of your mate telling you a hilarious joke or rambling about a prostitute he saw on the corner. So make sure you get all the best jokes and for that, you probably need an external mic. If you outside make sure you put on the muffler to reduce wind noise and if you use HER5 or HERO6 turn on wind noise reduction from the settings.
  5. I would assume mostly handheld. So your best bet for some amazing video to show everyone at the end of your trip is a GoPro gimbal. My absolute favorite is the Feiyu Tech G5. It`s lightweight, has amazing battery life and does an excellent job and gives you butter smooth videos.
Feiyu Tech G5 box
Feiyu Tech G5 box

So, leave any extreme and touch accessories behind and I suggest those 5:


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