Feiyu Tech WG2X Review

Feiyu Tech is absolutely my top choice for a gimbal (For GoPro or any other camera). Feiyu Tech WG2X is a wearable action camera gimbal that is the successor of the previous model – WG2. You can check out the Feiyu Tech WG2 review. If you are interested in standard handheld gimbals you might want to have a look at the Feiyu Tech G6 review or the Feiyu Tech Gimbals Comparison article.

Feiyu Tech WG2X

Feiyu Tech WG2X Overview

  • Tilt: 360°, Roll: 310°, Pan: 360°
  • Pan Mode(Default), Follow Mode (Pan and tilt), Auto-rotation Mode, Lock Mode
  • Splashproof 
  • GoPro Session adapter
  • Automatically standby mode if turning on without camera to protect the motor.
  • Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Battery 1500mAh: 2.5h(wifi function on)

What’s new with Feiyu Tech WG2X?

There are some upgrades when compared to the previous model and one downgrade. The WG2 was waterproof but the new WG2X is only splashproof. For some, this might be an issue and if you want a waterproof gimbal you can drop in the water, the WG2 is still a great gimbal and worth to buy. WG2X has an angled arm that makes it easier to use your cameras touchscreen unobstructed. It is also now lighter and has a shutter button and a function button. Having the two new buttons at the back of the gimbal means the second tripod screw that was at the back is now gone and the WG2X only has the single tripod mount at the bottom.

It still features the high-quality aluminum alloy materials, has the adjustable arm to balance different cameras and works remotely with an app.

WG2X – what`s in the box

The Feiyu Tech WG2X comes in a styrofoam-like box that has the cutouts for the gimbal, the Session adapter and the mini Tripod that’s included. It`s a great way to store the gimbal but not the best case for traveling. Its a fairly large case and has no straps or lanyard loops and it doesn’t have a secure lock to keep it closed. I prefer a neoprene pouch like the WG2 had – perfect to protect the gimbal and small enough to pack it in your backpack when traveling.

FeiyuTech WG2X Case

The Small tripod is a nice addition and much needed if you want to turn the gimbal into a handheld gimbal. Just screw the tripod under the gimbal with the tripod arms folded and you have a perfect handle.

The mini tripod is also great for timelapse videos or if you want to set it on a surface and control the movement from the app.

Inside the gimbal box

Feiyu Tech WG2X design

The big design change is the tilted arm that makes it a bit more comfortable to access the touchscreen. The angled arm also makes it easier to fold the gimbal and store it away. With the WG2 you have to slide the pivot arm to fold the gimbal down but this is not necessary with the WG2X.

FeiyuTech WG2X

The indication LED light is still in the front, the USB port covered with a rubber lid is on the right and the power button on the left. The Shutter button and the Mode button are at the back where the tripod screw used to be.

FeiyuTech WG2X tripod


The WG2X works with GoPro HERO8/7/6/5/4/YI 4K / SJCAM/AEE etc. and with similar cameras that have the same size and with a maximum weight of 0.298lb/135g
The gimbal also works with HERO Session Camera Series with Session mounting plate and Sony RX0 with an additional RX0 adapter.

The universal ¼ inch makes it possible to attach it to anything and anywhere and the small size and light weight make it a fantastic versatile gimbal.

Using the Feiyu Tech WG2X

Controls and operations

The gimbal has four main modes :

  • Pan mode
  • Lock mode
  • Follow mode
  • Autorotation mode

Pan mode: In this mode, the gimbal will only turn left and right but will keep the camera steady and not tilt up or down.

Follow mode: Gimbal will pan and tilt as you move around.

Locked mode: The gimbal fill stays fixed in the position you adjust it to and will keep it locked in that direction.

 WG2X modes

The Mode button turns the WiFi on and off, switches between Photo and Video mode of your GoPro and Resets. The Shutter button right next to it takes a photo or starts and stops video recording.

The Auto Rotation function is perfect for time-lapse videos. You can set the start position and the end position and adjust the speed from the app. We had some minor issues when testing this function and seemed like the trajectory was not as precise as we hoped for but in general, the function works well.

WG2X mode buttons

Feiyu On App

The Feiyu On App is pretty simple and easy to use. You can still find some awkward wording and you can tell the translation is not the best. But the app works and you can control the gimbal from it, adjust the angle, customize the auto-rotation mode speed and update the firmware. You can also switch between different modes in the app.

FeiyuTech WG2X app screenshots

Connecting to your GoPro is a bit clunky from the app and the manual is not very precise with the directions. It still suffers from poor translation and this looks like an everlasting problem for Feiyu Tech. Please find a better agency to take care of the translation.

Feiyu Tech WG2X performance

The gimbal is as good as it gets! Following the success of the WG2, the new WG2X keeps the same high standard and performance. The turns are smooth as butter and the movement initiation is gradual so there are no jerking shots. You can adjust the strength and speed of the motors from the app if you need slower or faster reactions from the gimbal.

The motor noise is also well under control and barely noticeable. If for some reason you are still bothered by the slight humming of the motors (in extremely quiet locations) turn on the Wind Noise Filter of your GoPro.

The 2,5h expected battery life is decent for a gimbal that small but expect it to be more in the range of 2h if the weather is colder as temperature always affects battery performance. If you need a gimbal to last longer just take a look at the Feiyu Tech G6 that promises up to 12 hours of operation.

Attaching the camera

The screw system with the metal bracket is still used on the WG2X – it`s the same system Feiyu Tech has used on all its action camera gimbals and it works. The screw openings have a wider diameter so they move freely in the base making it a bit easier to operate than some of the competition. But the downside of the screw system is that you need to completely unscrew the bolts and take the clamp off to insert your camera the right way. This takes time and can be fiddly to do. You can always leave the bolts in and just slide the GoPro in the mount but that means you don’t have access to the side button. You need to enable the quick-start in your camera for this and rely only on the touchscreen.

Feiyu Tech WG2X charging

Feiyu Tech WG2X – Conclusion

The Feiyu Tech WG2X is a for sure the best wearable gimbal on the market. It has the legendary Feiyu Tech pedigree and if you are looking for a small, lightweight gimbal that you can use as a wearable or as a regular gimbal the Feiyu Tech WG2X is definitely a top choice.