Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip

The Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip is a small, lightweight tripod that has flexible legs. For an action camera user, a tripod is an essential accessory but you rarely need a big DSLR tripod and small tabletop tripods are usually too flimsy and not too versatile. Spivo aims to fix that gap with the Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip.

Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip Overview

Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip
Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip

So, nothing too complicated about this tripod – three arms and a ball head. The Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip comes in a nice cardboard box and includes:

  • The Tripod
  • Aluminium Mobile phone holder
  • GoPro Mount
  • Screw

The arms of the tripod are longer than what you can find on your average table tripods – XXX. This works great as you can use the tripod as a selfie stick. Just fold the arms together (twirl them up for extra strength) and bend it a bit so that the tripod will not be visible in your frame.

Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip
Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip

The arms are coated with black dotted rubber to increase grip and the tips have rubber balls at the end. The dotted coating is pretty nice and will help increase grip either when holding it in your hand or if you use the bendy legs to attach it to something like a tree or a pole etc. The dots will help to grip the surface and increase friction against each other.

The ball head attaches to the base of the tripod with a screw, so you can remove it if needed or attach a longer pole in between the tripod arms and the ball head to make it longer. The ball head is made of plastic so it`s nice and lightweight but a metal ball would be stronger. But as you will be using the Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip with a GoPro or other action cameras or lighter DSLR cameras I don`t think this will become an issue.

Now to the most important part – how good do the bendy arms work and how versatile is the Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip?

Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip
Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip

The key selling point of this tripod is the flexible arms. You can bend them to adjust the angle, hight, and position of the tripod when using it as a normal tripod standing up. This is great if you want to set your camera up on uneven surfaces and for GoPro users, this is very often the case. You can adjust the arms in every direction you want for maximum versatility.

You can also turn the arms into hooks to hang the tripod upside down or to any horizontal surface that has something to grab on to. You can attach the tripod to trees, poles, chairs, etc etc. the list can go on forever. The great thing about this is that it`s really fast to attach your camera with the flexible tripod. In most cases, you need to fix something to the surface beforehand, like attaching the sticker mount or screwing on a clamp and then fixing your GoPro to it but the Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip can be fixed up really quick. The downside obviously is that it will not be as sturdy as a full-on clamp. If its upside down on a tree branch it has no issues holding up a GoPro or a mobile phone but I wouldn’t trust my DSLR on it.

Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip
Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip

The same goes when using it as a regular tripod – GoPros and smaller cameras are fine and the tripod will not sag if the legs are straight but if you plan to use your heavier equipment with this you need to make sure you position the tripod in a way that the legs will not give out and sag in.

Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip – Summary

I like the versatility of the tripod! It`s super light weight, can be used in gazilion different ways, can be sued on your GoPro, Phone, or lighter DSLR or I used it as a monopod on my heavy DSLR for extra stability when I needed to use fast shutter speeds.

If you need a small tripod – I highly reccomend!

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