GNARBOX 2.0 SSD – Edit your awesomeness on the go

The first GNARBOX that`s out there was and is AWESOME! Check out our full review here. Now the team behind the GNARBOX has launched the Kickstarter campaign and just after one day they have completely smashed the pledge goal to get the product out as soon as possible. Check out the campaign, support the efforts and get the GNARBOX 2.0.

So what`s new with GNARBOX 2.0 SSD

GNARBOX 2.0 SSD is a rugged backup device for anyone who takes photos and images and wants to edit and share them on the go. How many of you take your laptop to a hike just to edit the cool shot you just took? Gnarbox 2.0 is a tiny powerful gadget that takes the laptop completely out of the equation. GNARBOX shines in two things it does well: backs up your memory cards and Edits your photos and videos.


GNARBOX 2.0 SSD backup

GNARBOX 2.0 SSD has a small display and control buttons to allow you to start file transfers with a single touch to back up your SD cards to an external hard drive. (use LaCie Rugged for example)

  • One-Touch Backup: Quickly perform backups without your phone or tablet in one touch using the OLED screen and buttons.
  • Preset Folder Trees: Access your preset folder trees for organized backups.
  • Checksum Verification: Receive a checksum verification on transfers to give you confirmation on every byte.
  • 75MB/s to 450MB/s Transfers: Backup with speeds up to 75MB/s using the SD Card slot or 450MB/s via USB-C.

GNARBOX 2.0  software

With the first (original) GNARBOX, you have the one app to do it all – GNARBOX 2.0 SSD has done a few things differently and looks like you will get FOUR dedicated apps for different actions.

  • Safekeep: for on-location data backup, with tailored file/folder organization and tools to manage file transfers across your devices. With Safekeep you can:
    • Move files across cards, your GNARBOX, hard drives and RAIDs
    • Organize and rename your files and folders
    •  Automatically sync folders to the Dropbox cloud when you reach WiFi.
  • Selects: Provides super-fast RAW image preview and easy-to-use tools to mark your selects, manage metadata, and save time preparing your shots for edit.
    • Quickly preview RAW images while still in the field
    • Simple tools to review and correct colors
    • Cull images with a 5-star rating to designate for Lightroom organization.
  • Sequence: Has the tools you need to review footage, start rough cuts in the field, and seamlessly transition your video project to the studio.
    • Review high-resolution footage and render into editing formats
    • Trim clips, organize shots into bins, and piece together a rough-cut.
    • Export any sequence created in the field to Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.
  • Showcase: Lets you view your photos and videos in high resolution on any HDMI-enabled screen.
    • View your photos or videos on any monitor or television using the micro HDMI port.
    • Easily navigate the files stored on your GNARBOX using thumbnail collections.
    • Playback high-resolution clips in real-time.

For editing, you can either use the native Gnarbox app or push your work to Adobe Lightroom CC or LumaFusion


GNARBOX 2.0 SSD Technical Specifications

Complete Technical and Hardware Specifications:

●Intel Quad Core, 2.40GHZ CPU

●4 Core Intel HD Graphics GPU

●867mbps 802.11 ac/b/g/n WiFi


●NVMe SSD up to 1TB

●SD Card Backup:75-100MB/sec write speeds

●USB-C Backup: 400-500MB/sec read/write speeds

●2x USB-C, SD & micro HDMI ports

●3200mAh 7.4v removable lithium-ion battery

●Battery Life: 5 hours backup / 3 hours editing

●IP67 – Waterproof to 1m for 30minutes

●Dimension – 6” x 3” x 1.16” / ~1.1lb

GNARBOX 2.0 SSD will offer several storage capacities in association with special pricing for Kickstarter rewards

●GNARBOX 2.0 SSD (128GB)

●GNARBOX 2.0 SSD (256GB)

●GNARBOX 2.0 SSD (512GB)



I am completely stoked for this because judging by how great the first Gnarbox is and how much the team behind the product is constantly interacting with the current user base to get feedback the GNARBOX  will be amazing.

So check out their Kickstarter page and spread the word!

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