Best GoPro accessories of 2022

Good action camera accessories make a really good GoPro into a mini production machine! There Is so much you can add and upgrade on your GoPro to improve it – Lenses, batteries, cases, microphones, tripods, monopods, gimbals etc. etc.

Now with the new HERO10 out, there are some changes you need to consider and now all accessories are compatible with the new Hero9 and the older models but some are truly universal and can be essential for all photographers and videographers.

Lume Cube

Photography is ALL about light! And if there is some light missing you can`t go wrong with the Lume Cubes. Small but powerful, the Lume Cubes have been shining the light for years. It started off as a crowd funding project but but has skyrocketed into the photography world with its powerful video lights. The cubes can be mounted on your Gopros, on your DSLR cameras, on your drones or pretty much ANYWHERE. They are tough as nails and are fully waterproof, so you can use them as dive lights also.

Lume Cube keeps expanding it`s product line so make sure you check them out.

Lume Cube lit by Lume Cube
Lume Cube lit by Lume Cube

The cool thing about the Lume Cube is that it can be also controlled via bluetooth and your smartphone or used as Slave lights to trigger them with your DSLR flash. They now sell bigger video lights for vloggers or streamers. Get the Lume Cube from Amazon.

Wandrd PRVKE 31L Camera Backpack with Photography Bundle

The Wandrd PRVKE 31L Camera Backpack with Photography Bundle is a perfect bag for really anyone. The Photography bundle that you can add to the bag setup transforms a regular day-bag into a photographer’s dream. Granted, this is not the typical back-loaded camera bag that only has the adjustable slots to fit your two cameras and 5 lenses. It’s rather a modular bag to suit the everyday user. You can lift the Camera Cube out, with the camera gear, and turn it into a very spacious travel bag. The roll-top allows you to cram even more stuff into it and the unique strap closure is perfect to hold your jacket at the top of the bag.

Wandrd PRVKE 31L
Wandrd PRVKE 31L

Specs and Features of the Wandrd PRVKE with the Photography Bundle :

  • Dimensions: 19″H X 12.5″W X 7.5″D
  • Volume: 31 L to 36 L (roll top fully extended)
  • Weight: 1.5 kg (3.4 lbs)
  • Quick side camera access
  • Checkpoint friendly laptop and tablet sleeve
  • Magnetic tote handles
  • Fleece sunglasses/phone pocket
  • Weather resistant zippers
  • Expandable water bottle/tripod pocket
  • Secure passport pocket 
  • Removable camera protection
  • Removable Camera Cube
  • Fully customizable Cube inserts
  • Removable Waist Straps
  • Multi-use adjustable straps
  • Rain Cover
  • Key attachment pocket
  • Chest strap
  • Rolltop closure

You can easily fit your DSLR with a decent-sized lens, GoPro, external drives, battery bank, and other smaller items inside the Camera Cube. You can use the other, top half of the bag for your daily stuff, like your mug, your spare t-Shirt or a jacket, snacks, etc. The back panel fits a 15,6″ laptop + a tablet and has very comfy padding. The super-high-quality bag is available on Amazon in three cool colors.

LaCie Rugged SSD 1TB

The icon of all external drives The LaCie Rugged SSD 1TB.

If you are looking for an external drive that you might need to carry around and you are still considering the old HDD drive you are making a huge mistake. The times have changed and buying an HDD drive is like buying a cassette tape. The technology has evolved so much and if you have the option to go for an SSD (solid-state drive) you absolutely must! The SSD drives are so much more reliable and isn’t it why you need a backup drive anyway?

LaCie Rugged SSD
LaCie Rugged SSD

They are shockproof, they are tiny, they don’t have any moving parts inside that can go bonkers with time and usage and they are not that expensive anymore.

And when it comes to durable backup drive LaCie and its RUGGED series is the definite leader! The don’t only look cool they are super fast, durable and the legendary orange bumper makes it very photogenic. The 1TB has been in my camera bag for a while now and it`s the best companion to any GoPro enthusiast.

  • Transfer and edit RAW 4K video with speeds of up to 950 MB/s
  • USB Type-C interface
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • 3-meter drop and two-tonne car crush resistance
  • Protect projects with Seagate Secure encrypted USB drive technology
  • 5-year Rescue Data Recovery Services
  • Famous design by Neil Poulton

Enjoy the peace of mind a good backup device brings you and grab it from Amazon.

Bodhi Floaty Case for GoPro cameras

Have you ever lost your GoPro in water? I have, it sucks so much. That`s why Bodhi Floaty is a must-have in your camera gear bag.

Sometimes the smallest and cheapest accessories are the best – you dont have to think long about if you need it a lot and if you should invest in it or if you really can afford it. The Bodhi Floaty Case is just 19 bucks and will be one of the best camera accessories in your bag. Use it for any activity on water to make sure if your camera falls in or breaks off from any mounts you will not lose it. The bright orange color is easy to find in the water and the foam will protect the camera from any impacts also.

Bodhi Floaty
Bodhi Floaty
  • Affordable
  • Bright and easy to spot in the water
  • Protects your camera from impacts
  • FULL access to the back LCD
  • Full access to all controls, Microphones

Save your GoPro from drowning and get the Floaty from Amazon.

TELESIN ALLIN Box Charger for GoPro cameras

The GoPro battery only gives you a certain amount of time. Depending on if you use 4k video or image stabilization or if you just take still images the battery can last from 30 minutes to hours. Even the outside temperature impacts the battery life so the worst thing that can happen is running out of juice at the best moment.


Don`t mess around with just ONE single spare – get the Telesin Box Charger with two batteries and you will have the perfect set. The Box charger can charge the three batteries together and is a good carry case for when you need the spares. It’s even rainproof so you can leave it dangling on your backpack from the lanyard. The lid even has microSd slots to store extra memory cards so that’s pretty neat also.

Pay attention that the new Hero9 has different battery sizes so make sure you order the right charger from Amazon.

Pro Standard Grill Mount

The Pro Standard Grill mount is not for your barbecue grill – its a GoPro mouth mount and its awesome.

ProStandard 360 Quick Connect
  • The only mouth mount that allows you to use the voice activation features of the GoPro Hero 5
  • Use as a mouth mount and shoot like the pros.
  • Heat the red EVA tabs in hot water for a custom fit.
  • Normal breathing; talking and airflow. The only mouth mount with an airway that seals completely when you go underwater.
  • Surf, skateboard, body board, fish, mountain bike, BMX, climb, ride rollercoasters, SUP, jetski, kayak, canoe, and film your adventures.
  • Hold the world’s smallest, lightest handgrip multiple ways. With your hand, or hold it with just one finger. 2.4”/61mm tall and only 0.67oz/19grams.
  • Even with your GoPro attached it fits easily into pockets.
  • Used as a tripod the red feet provide grip on uneven surfaces.
  • Get instantly stable shots by hooking it over chairs, branches, fences and more. The world is your oyster and tripod.
  • Stop guessing your shot when you position your GoPro. Use Cam Perfect Positioning® for exactly repeatable camera positions.
  • Get flowing butter smooth footage using your head…it’s a natural 3-axis gimbal.
  • The Grill Mount is protected by Patent 9,395,603 B2.
Pro Standard Grill Mount as a tripod
Pro Standard Grill Mount as a tripod

Not much needed to say more. If you use a GoPro you need this. Pair it with the Pro Standard 360 Quick Connect and you have the dream combo in your hands. The Quick Connect allows you to switch mounts in seconds without the cumbersome fiddling with the GoPro screw system.


GNARBOX 2.0 SSD is a rugged backup device mostly for professional content creators who can`t afford to lose any footage. The emphasis is on the PROFESSIONAL.

If your livelyhood is depending on returing from a photo or video shoot with all the data intact you need to back up on the go. Gnarbox is a powerful battery-operated editing studio that enables you to back up on any device or edit the footage and share in seconds.

Gnarbox 2.0 SSD water_small
Gnarbox 2.0 SSD
  • Capacity: 256GB, 512GB or 1TB
  • Intel® Quad Core, 2.40GHZ CPU
  • 4 Core Intel® HD Graphics GPU
  • 867mbps 802.11 ac WiFi
  • 4GB RAM
  • NVMe SSD up to 1TB
  • 3000mAh 7.4v removable lithium-ion battery
  • RAW, ProRes, H264, H265 support
  • SD Transfer: Up to 75MB/s
  • USB-C Transfer: Up to 350MB/s
  • USB-C (x2), SD, and Micro HDMI ports
  • 3-6 hours of continuous use
  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • 6” x 3” x 1.16” (15.24cm x 7.62cm x 2.95cm)
  • .8lb (375g)
  • App iOS and Android Compatible
  • Lightroom, LumaFusion, Affinity Photo and more integration
  • One-touch SD Card Backup
  • Automatic file organization

The Gnarbox is definitely not the cheapest device but for a prefessional or for someone who really counts on their content this can be a life saver.

You can get in in 1Tb, 256 or 512GB from Amazon.

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