GoPro HERO9 Announced: Front-Facing Screen, Better Battery life, Awesome Stabilization

The new GoPro Hero9 is better than ever! Duh, nobody expects it to be crappier than the previous model right…

Key specs:

  • New Front Display
  • 30% more battery life
  • Detachable lens
  • Waterproof 33ft
  • 5K video
  • 20MP photos
  • HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilization
  • 240 fps 8x slo-mo
  • TimeWarp 3.0
  • HindSight mode
  • LiveBurst mode
  • Live stream or webcam with HyperSmooth 3.0

Hero9 Battery life

So there is a lot to be really excited about! Improved battery life is something that is always a welcomed upgrade but it comes with a price. Your older batteries from previous models are no longer compatible so you need to get new ones if you want to have spares in your pocket.

Hero9 Physical changes

The dimensions are slightly larger also making some MODS incompatible. Hero 9 is around 5-6mm wider on each side compared to the Hero 8. The Hero 8, for reference, was a shade taller and wider (3mm or so) than the Hero 7. As for the weight, the new camera is over 30g heavier than the Hero 8 and 42g heavier than the Hero 7.

Also, the he removable lens cover is back, so those who want to add filters can now do it again (was not available on the Hero 8). Hero9 also features its own “Max mod”. The new Max Lens Mod delivers unbreakable Max HyperSmooth stabilization and Max SuperView, Our widest-angle perspective yet.

  • Max HyperSmooth for unbreakable video stabilization up to 2.7K60
  • Ultra-wide angle 155˚ FOV for enhanced perspective and improved depth of field
  • Horizon lock keeps your videos on the horizontal or vertical axis, even if your camera is mounted off-center or rotates a full 360°
  • Max Timewarp for our smoothest TimeWarp video yet.

Hero9 Dual screens

The 1.4-inch front display is probably the most noticeable new addition that people have been expecting for a long time. The Osmo Action introduced it first and it only makes sense that GoPro adapts it also. It makes it so much easier to frame your shots in difficult angles and of course helps with your selfie game. The screen’s not touch-enabled and you can turn it off to save battery life.

The main screen on the Hero 9 is now 2.27-inches across making it 0.27inches bigger. Even though its not a huge step up if you compare the screen with your phone screen but on a device this small it makes a difference.

Image Resolution and quality

This is the first time in ages GoPro has increased the resolution. The max res has been 4k and 12MBP for still iamges since Hero3 but the all-new HERO9 brings the 5K video and 20MBP photos with its new 23.6-megapixel sensor.

The key to remember is that with 5K you get more wiggle room in terms of cropping. 5K resolution doesn’t bring along with it are any new slo-mo modes. That 5K is “only” available in 30fps (which is fair), while 4K is still only available up to 60fps. As before, 2.7K and 1080p top out at 120 and 240fps, respectively.