Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Traveling vol. 2

Here is the previous article about the top 10 GoPro accessories for traveling that really concentrated on the very essentials like batteries and light tripods.

In this article, I will take a look at some other accessories that can definitely help you elevate your travel videos and images taken with a GoPro. This will be especially useful for you if you are planning a trip to somewhere really warm because I am packing for a trip to Thailand as I write this Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Traveling vol. 2 blog post 🙂

So without further ado…

1. Feiyu Tech G5 Gimbal

Feiyu Tech G5 gimbal
Feiyu Tech G5 gimbal

Although the new HERO5 comes with image stabilization you CAN`T beat the quality of a good GoPro gimbal. There are a lot to choose from and GoPro makes it`s own Karma Grip 3-axis gimbal that works perfectly. I had the chance to review the Feiyu Tech G5 gimbal (read the review here) and it is amazing. The footage looks really cinematic and the gimbal works like a charm. The 8-hour battery life gives you enough runtime to use or the whole day and you don`t have to worry about running out of power. The G5 is also splashproof so you can use it in the rain if paired with HERO5. The Feiyu Tech G5 also comes with a handy neoprene pouch to protect your gear while traveling.

The key features of Feiyu Tech G5 are:

  • Amazing build quality
  • Splash proof!
  • Super silent motors
  • Huge battery life
  • Replaceable battery
  • Easy controls
  • Works perfectly
  • Nice packaging
  • Neoprene carry pouch
  • Two tripod screw mounts
  • Compatible with many action cameras
  • GoPro charging from the gimbal
  • Remote control from the app
  • Extension pole capability
  • Connects to the app very fast

You can buy it from

2. Incase Action Camera Pro Pack

Incase Action Camera Pro Pack
Incase Action Camera Pro Pack

Whether you are a GoPro user or not you need a good day backpack to carry around your stuff- your wallet, your maps, your water if you are in hot climate, maybe a hoodie or other clothing or some snacks when you are on a longer hike. But the Incase Action Camera Pro Pack is a real gem for a GoPro and DSLR user (read the review here).

The bag looks stylish as hell wth it`s vinyl-like finishing and lime green insides and has enough room for loads of gear. You have the main compartment that you can access from the back panel or on one side and you have the top compartment for your DSLR. The shoulder strap has a built-in GoPro quick-release attachment and both sides have straps for a tripod and a pole. It has an integrated rain cover that doubles as an anti-theft device in case you are traveling in very crowded places with a chance of pickpocketers.

The key features of Incase Action Camera Pro Pack are:

  • Very stylish looks
  • Clean front
  • Semi-waterproof
  • Rain cover
  • High-quality materials
  • Thick Paddings
  • Quick-access latch
  • DSLR compartment
  • Accessory Organizer
  • Adjustable divider
  • Integrated action camera mount
  • Side buckles

Get it from or

3. PolarPro PowerGrip H2O

PolarPro PowerGrip H2O
PolarPro PowerGrip H2O

Ideally, you would have enough batteries to last you a day or two of heavy usage but what if you want to do a really long time-lapse? You can`t stop and change the battery and then hope that the framing hasn`t changed – this will never work! If you want a bit more freedom, get a decent power bank or if you are a GoPro user get this little beast – The PolarPro PowerGrip H2O (read the review here)

This is a fully water proof powergrip that you can use as a regular GoPro handle or as a power bank for TWO devices at the same time. So you can hook up your camera and your phone while filming. The PowerGrip H2O comes with three extension arms so you can use it as a GoPro pole.

The key features of PolarPro PowerGrip H2O

  • Build quality – every freakin` detail looks like they are made of top quality materials, and they are!
  • Grip – the rubber grip feels solid and the grooves add grip even when cold or wet.
  • Waterproof – You don`t need a separate pole for water activities.
  • Huge battery capacity – Up to 12 hours of live charging, that`s sick!
  • Extension arms – Use it in 3 different sizes
  • 2 USB ports – clever thing to add two, you can charge both your GoPro and your smartphone
  • StrapMount compatibility – for easy transportation and POV shooting
  • Screws – small thing to consider, but we like them better than the original GoPro screws
  • Tripod mount – Essential if you want to use it for long time-lapse videos
  • Replaceable doors – really easy to change the skeleton door and the waterproof door
  • Accessories – the product comes with different USB cables, Phone mount, StrapMount connector
  • Versatile – add a dual bracket mount and turn it into a MASCHINE!

Get it from or

4. GoScope Marine Adapter Kit

Going snorkeling or diving? This one is for you then. Filters are basically for color correction when filming underwater. The images turn out blue because red light doesn`t penetrate water that well so you are left with more blue light than you would like to. You can, of course, correct the tones later with any decent video editing software but why not eliminate that blue hue right at the source? The Marine Adapter kit has three different filters for different conditions and adapters for Hero3 and Hero4 cameras.

Really a must-have GoPro accessory when you are taking a trip to somewhere where you can go snorkeling!

Get it from GoScope Amazon store

4. UKPro Pole 38HDF

UKPro Pole 38HDF in Water
UKPro Pole 38HDF in Water

Yup, of course, I need to include a good pole in this top 10 list. And UKPro Pole 38HDF (read the review here) is one of the top choices if you need something lightweight, durable and unsinkable! The UKPro Pole 38HDF has a floatation foam around it so it keeps the pole from sinking even with the GoPro attached to it, so it`s a really handy safety feature when using our camera on the water. One of the most horrifying moments you can have is watching your GoPro sinking in front of your eyes. Another good thing about this pole is that it`s really lightweight and that`s exactly what you need when traveling and when you need to fit your whole life in one single bag or a suitcase.

Key features of UKPro Pole 38HDF

  • Lightweight
  • No bend
  • Quality materials
  • Bright handle
  • Waterproof
  • Unsinkable
  • Handy screws
  • Strong lanyard
  • Foam floater

Get it from or

5. Split Dome


Aaaaaahhhh… those over-under shots are AMAZING! If you want to get those amazing shots that are all over Instagram these days you need a GoPro dome. The dome moves the water a bit away from the lens making it possible to get a clean separation between water and air. In theory, something similar can be achieved by just using the GoPro alone, but you would nee super calm water and shitloads of luck. So go for the safe bet and get a dome if that kind of images excite you.  There are a few brands that make the domes and one of them is

This one has a very solid position in my Top 10 GoPro Accessories For Traveling list!

Get a GoPro dome from or

6. RAM mounts

RAM Small Tough-Claw
RAM Small Tough-Claw

Get a mount that you can attach to ANYTHING! RAM camera mount is a jointed mount with two ballheads at either end so you can set it at any angle you desire. The locking system fixes the position and the RAM quality pretty much guarantees you can hang rocks with the mount and it will stay perfectly fixed.

The RAM Small Tough-Claw is probably sufficient for GoPro users and you can use it to turn any object you can clamp it to into a super steady tripod. Use it to attach the GoPro to a scooter, a kayak, a car, a bike or to your paddle when out on a SUP. It`s easy to fix to the right position and it`s bomb proof (just my opinion of the quality, probably will not survive a bombing)

Get it from or

7. Knog Qudos action video light

Knog Qudos action video light
Knog Qudos action video light

You probably want to use your GoPro during the night or any other low light condition. That`s why you need a small, travel-friendly light that will work with your GoPro. The Knog Qudos light (read review here) is a tiny yet powerful light source that is pretty much as durable as your action camera. The light is waterproof up to 60 meters and will give you over 4 hours of light. You can use it when snorkeling to get better visibility under water or when cruising around the city in the evening. If you are a DSLR user use it for some really creative shots at night or just attach it to your camera for some fill light on rally bright days to get rid of the shadows under people’s eyes.

Key features of Knog Qudos light

  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof up to 60 meters
  • Different modes
  • Decent battery life
  • Great box to store the light and accessories
  • Bracket for DSLR cameras

Get it from or

8. Anti-Fog inserts

Anti-Fog Inserts
Anti-Fog Inserts

Yup, the small (but expensive) pieces of paper can really save your day. rapid changes in temperature can fog up the inside of the GoPro casing and ruin our whole video. This is not an issue with the new Hero5 but if you are shooting with Hero4 or older this can be a life saver. I have found fog on my lens so many times after kitesurfing or swimming and yo don`t relly notice it before you get home or when the fog starts to really build up and then it`s already too late. Grab one of those Anti-Fog inserts from GoPro and use them when the temperature can change fast, like going for a refreshing swim on a hot day.

Get it from GoPro Amazon Store

9. My Passport Wireless external HDD

My Passport Wireless external HDD
My Passport Wireless external HDD

You really really need to back up your videos and photos when you are traveling and don`t want to lose them all! Anything can happen. Memory cards stop working out of the blue so often, you can lose your gear or it ca be stolen or you might just run out of free space but there is still so much you want to shoot. The solution is a portable external harddrive and the Western Digital My Passport Wireless is one of the best choices. There are professional tools like the Nextodi backup devices (a review coming soon) but for the average Joe the My Passport Wireless will do th job.

Key features:

  • Connect up to 8 devices at once, with no wires or Internet connection.
  • Built-in SD card slot to easily offload or back up photos and videos on the go.
  • Stay mobile with up to 6 hours of continuous use and up to 20 hours of standby time.

Get it from Western Digital Amazon store

10. Have a PLAN and make your own list of GoPro Accessories For Traveling

When you go traveling and want to com back with amazing travel videos think ahead and make a plan. Thin about what you video should look like and whet kind of footage do you need for that. Do you need lots of wide landscape pan shots and time lapses or do you need fast and energetic shots? Think about all the angles you can try and the accessories you need to get them. Prepare your gear – check the settings and charge up all your batteries so you are ready to shoot from the second you walk out of your door. Make your own list of GoPro Accessories For Traveling and see how many match this list.

But most importantly – enjoy the moment. Sometimes it`s just best to put down you camera and enjoy the surroundings!