KNEKT GP4 KIT with Dome and Trigger

KNEKT GP4 KIT sample.
KNEKT GP4 KIT sample. Image from

KNEKT is the Rolls Royce of GoPro accessories and you can bet your house your car and your cat that When you buy a KNEKT GP4 KIT product, you get top notch quality.

Let`s take a look at the GP4 kit by KNEKT – the successor of the GP3+

The GP4 is the complete package for the water-loving GoPro shooter that includes the GP4 trigger, the KSD6 Dome, KWT Wrist Tether and KLS Screw. That combo makes up a pretty fancy system your friends will envy.

KNEKT GP4 KIT trigger
KNEKT GP4 KIT trigger. Image from


GP4 trigger is already famous and use by a lot of cool photographers, just check out this crazy shot with cobiandewey using the KNEKT GP4 trigger

Cobi Andrewey using KNEKT GP4 Trigger
Cobi Andewey using KNEKT GP4 Trigger. Image from


The GP4 integrates a new latch design that makes the system even more safer and makes sure no water will invade your GoPro when slammed with waves or taking an impact from a cliff dive. KNEKT added another reinforcement tab to the upper handle so there are now 4 in total.

Another new thing is that you can use GoPro`s filters in conjunction with the trigger and the KSD6 Dome Port. The trigger is smooth and offers a very direct feel so you always know if you really pushed the button or not. Many times the cheap versions of a GoPro trigger system are not that tactile so you might miss the perfect shot or you need to check the LED light on your GoPro to make sure you started recording, and nobody want so see that peek-a-boo scene in the front of the clip :D.


The KNEKT GP4 kit trigger system is designed to give you a complete one-handed control over your GoPro and it really does it well. The handle is very well designed and manufactured and fits perfectly in your hand and has just the right angle so it`s comfortable to use. Using the trigger compared to just using your GoPro from your hand gives you so much more stability and control.


The shutter button on the GoPro is at the top of the camera and that can mess up your framing when you push on the camera. With a trigger you eliminate that issue.



KNEKT KSD6 is the 6 inch Dome Port for HERO3+ and HERO4


Probably one of the coolest products out there is the DOME. There are a few really good brands who make dome for GoPro cameras and the over-under shots you get using them are magnificent!
Katie Dillon from has a great article on How To Use A Knekt GoPro Dome.

One of our favorite photographer and kiteboarder Jake Kelsick also has some brilliant photos taken with the KNEKT Dome on his Instagram page

Photo by Jake Kelsick.
Photo by Jake Kelsick.

The Domes purpose is to move the waterline away from the lens improving the image quality and making it possible to get those 50/50 shots. KNEKT tested the port to a depth of 135ft so it actually exceeds the depth rating of the GoPro cameras themselves – pretty amazing!

KNEKT KWT Wrist Strap



KNEKT GP4 KIT also comes with KWT Wrist Tether. Now you might think this is something basic and maybe even a slight overkill but a durable, high-quality tether is like a seat belt. When shit hits the fan you will thank god you have it installed.
Imagine getting barreled when shooting a surf session or getting spooked by a fish that you sweat looked like a shark looking to bit your head off. You will eventually let go of the trigger grip when you are in the water and the worst thing that can happen is you drop your expensive gear and never find it again. Well, if the fish that starteled you turns out to really be a shark then that would be worse…



KNEKT GP4 KIT has the extra long 47mm custom made screw to complete the set. This should be the longest GoPro screw out there offering you a really good grip when you want to get a good hold on the screw and crank it really tight.

KNEKT GP4 KIT sample image
KNEKT GP4 KIT sample image hasn`t had the chance to get our hands on it yet, but based on the unanimous reviews on the web the KNEKT GP4 KIT looks amazing and we would definitely suggest looking into buying this when you want to take your GoPro on the water or underwater.


Learn more about it on

KNEKT GP4 KIT sample image
KNEKT GP4 KIT sample image

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