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There are a few action camera lighting systems out there but recently one of them has been slowly creeping into the picture. Today, the Litra Torch is in the spotlight so let`s deconstruct and see what it`s all about.

Here`s what Litra says about the product: LitraTorch™ is the worlds most versatile adventure photo and video light. At 1.5″x1.5″ in size, the Torch provides 800 lumens of continuous, high-quality light.

There are two very similar action light on the market: Litra Torch and Lume Cube. Both are 1.5″ cubes but they have enough to set them apart. As I have not yet reviewed the Lume Cube but I do own the Knog Qudos action video light I`m going to compare them a bit during this review.

Litra Torch
Litra Torch

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the Litra Paparazzi Bundle and the Litra Triple Mount Kit

Here`s what`s included.

Paparazzi Bundle

  • 1 LitraTorch
    • Litra torch light
    • White diffuser bulb
    • Belt clip
    • Silicone sleeve
    • GoPro ¼ 20 Finger Mount
    • USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Filter Kit
    • 5 filter frames to fit on a LitraTorch
    • 3 sets of Rosco Tungsten 4600k filters
    • 3 sets of Rosco Tungsten 3200k filters
    • 1 White Diffuser filter
    • 1 Red filter
    • 1 Green filter
    • 1 Blue filter
    • 1 Yellow filter
  • 1 Cold Shoe Mount

Triple Mount Kit

  • 1 Triple Mount
  • 1 rugged Handle
  • 2 Litra screws

Before jumping right at the hero of this review let`s go through the accessories of the Litra Torch

The Paparazzi Bundle has two objectives as I see it: To modify the light and to make it a more universally usable. You have 11 color filters in total that can be combined (with some restrictions- the color filters are thicker than tungsten filters and when stacked together will not fit perfectly). The 6 tungsten filters are subtle orange and are excellent to soften the light temperature. They are thinner and can be combined.

The white diffuser light does what the name suggests -softens the light but I prefer using the diffuser bulb for that as it has a lot stronger effect.

The color filters are where the fun starts, you can get really creative and add cool effects to your photos without spending time in Photoshop after the shoot. You can use them with your GoPro or take them with you for any photo shoot and as the Litra Torch is really really tiny you will always have room for it in your gear bag.

Litra Torch blue filter in use
Litra Torch blue filter in use
Litra Torch bue and red filters
Litra Torch bue and red filters

You get 5 clip-on frames to attach the filters and they are pretty easy to use. Just put the desired filter in the frame, it has a cutout for it so if you press it in it fits snug in the frame and will not fall out. I love the fact that you get FIVE filter frames because as soon as I saw them i know that I will lose one of them for sure, so it`s really good to know that I don`t need to order a new one anytime soon:)

One thing I noticed when using the filters thou that is needed to point out! If you use a filter on full power for a few minutes the LEDs get pretty warm for the gel filters and it will start to “burn in”. And by that I don`t mean they will catch fire – they won`t- the color will get washed out at the spots of the eight LEDs.

Litra Torch blue filter “burn” marks

Cold Shue Mount is one of my favorites in this bundle. Not only does it allow to mount the Litra Torch to a DSLR or any other camera with a flash mount it allows you an absolutely free range of direction. The Cold Shue mount has the tripod screw (male) on top and the cold shoe at the bottom PLUS the cold shoe has a tripod screw mount (female) at the bottom so you can attach it to a tripod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has a Multi-function ball swivel joint with locking lever that locks the position really snug and tight and can probably hold up even a heavy camera instead of the featherlight Litra Torch. The mount is really high-quality aluminum and looks absolutely top notch.

The Paparazzi Bunde includes the Torch itself but before we get to that let`s have a quick look at the Triple Mount Kit. It includes the triple mount a handle and two screws. The Triple mount is basically a plate with the GoPro quick mount clip in the center and two finger mounts at each end to attach either two lights or any other accessory like an external microphone for example. The handle screws on with the standard tripod screw so again, you can mount the Triple mount on any random tripod as well or use the handle separately. The handle has a really nice soft rubber coating and feels really nice. It has a lanyard at the bottom but unfortunately, it`s fixed and can only be removed with a knife, I`d love to have the option to remove it since most of the time I feel any dangling ropes just get in the way.

Now to the hero of this review…

Litra Torch up close

Litra Torch triple mount
Litra Torch triple mount

The box includes:

  • Litra Torch light
  • White diffuser bulb
  • Belt clip
  • Silicone sleeve
  • GoPro ¼ 20 Finger Mount
  • USB Charging Cable

I always pay attention to the packaging and when the Filter Kit and the Triple Mount kit came in plastic bags the Torch has a nice cardboard box and the Litra Torch sits comfortably inside a foam nest.

The light itself is all black with radiator ribs all over to help distribute the heat. Litra Torch features one single button on top that turns the light on and off and switches between the different modes. It also indicates battery level and charging status

  • Short press to turn on
  • Short press to cycle between four modes:
    • Low – 100 Lumens at 5700k (Daylight)
    • Medium – 450 Lumens at 5700k (Daylight)
    • High- 800 Lumens sat 5700k (Daylight)
    • Strobe- 2200 Lumens at 5700k (Daylight)
  • Long press to turn off

It has TWO tripod mounts on at the back and one at the bottom for versatile mounting options and the charging port is at the back of the Litra Torch. It`s covered with a rubber seal to prevent dust and debris from getting into the waterproof USB port, so while you do want to make sure you have the rubber seal nicely in place it is still waterproof without it.

The back of the Torch is also magnetized which is awesome! You can place the light on any metal surface and it will stick. This is a fantastic feature and makes the light even more versatile. Granted, the magnet is not superstrong to save on size and weight obviously so it will not stick if you are using the silicone sleeve.

The package also includes a belt clip that slides into the grooves at the back of the Litra Torch and snaps in place. This is perfect if you want to use it as a camping light, a work light or even as a headlamp.

Litra Torch belt clip
Litra Torch belt clip
Litra Torch belt clip
Litra Torch belt clip

The silicone sleeve is a nice addition that gives you that extra piece of mind that you will not scratch your beautiful Litra Torch when you drop it. It also prevents dirt from getting into the bottom tripod mount as it has a “plug” that fits in the mount. The main button and the logo or course 😀 are not covered.

The White Diffuser Bulb slips onto the light and converts a rather directional light into a lightbulb. Although as the Litra Torch is for action cameras and thus has a very wide angle of light to match the ultrawide angle of most of the action cameras the Diffuser Bulb makes a huge difference and makes the Torch light up almost everything all around it. It`s great for lighting small rooms and as it diffuses the bright light beam you can look at the light even at its High setting. The Torch has an 80 degree beam angle but it fills around 160 degrees with light.

Litra Torch Diffuser
Litra Torch Diffuser

GoPro ¼ 20 Finger Mount allows you to attach the Torch to any other GoPro mount and if you have the Triple Mount (I highly recommend) you can attach the light on either side of your GoPro.

And of course, you get a charging cable – nice and small.

Litra Torch Battery Time

Here are the factory specifications for the battery life in different modes. In real life you will probably combine and switch between modes and the outside temperature has, of course, a huge effect on battery life.

Low: 100 Lumens~ 4 hours
Medium: 450 Lumens ~ 70 minutes
High: 800 Lumens ~ 35 minutes
Strobe ~ 7 hours

The great thing about the Litra Torch is that you can actually charge it while you have it turned on but with some limitations. You can only charge it in Low and Medium settings as charging at the High light output will cause it to overheat, so you can have it plugged in while at the High setting but it will not charge simultaneously.

The green led ring around the button will indicate charging with a flashing green and the light will turn off when the battery is 100% full.

The LED notification:

  • Constant green –  power level is at 100-20%
  • Flashing green –  charging. Once fully charged the LED will turn off.
  • Red – battery level below 20%

One other cool thing – the Torch will with the GoPro session frame!

All in all, the Litra Torch is one of those cool accessories that you never know you wanted! It can be used as a creative light with your photography, it can be used as a utility light when you go to your basement to fix a random thing that people usually fix in dark basements or it can elevate your action shots. It`s tiny, powerful and should definitely be in YOUR gear bag.

Litra Torch
Litra Torch

What I love about Litra Torch

  • Small
  • Great quality
  • Long battery life
  • Wide range of colored filters
  • Integrated Magnet
  • Two tripod mounts
  • Waterproof
  • Spare filter frames


  • The filters will deteriorate a bit with high temperatures

Things I don`t love

  • Nothing, I love it

Litra Torch – Final Verdict

Priced at 79USD it`s at the same price range as the Lume Cube and the Know Qudos for example so it`s not cheap but you definitely get the maximum bang for your buck!

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