Top 5 GoPro Accessories 2019

New cool gadgets and accessories come out every now and then, so its time to revisit the list and see if any new contenders have made it in the Top 5 GoPro Accessories 2019. It`s impossible to pick a winner so the order is random and all of them deserve the best spot in the list, so here it goes…

Pro Standard Grill Mount

Pro Standard Grill Mount pocket
Pro Standard Grill Mount makes it into the Top 5 GoPro Accessories list

The Pro Standard Grill Mount is by far one of the best inventions for any action camera – It`s a small, lightweight, tough and versatile mouth mount that can be used as a tripod or amount or a clamp or whatever you can think of doing with it. Its made of virtually indestructible Holy Carbonate that makes the mount tough as hell so you can always rely on it.

The mouth mount is designed with a “fork” so there`s room for airflow so you can breathe pretty freely when using it. You can make the mount 100% custom-fit for your teeth with the help of the EVA Bite Tabs – heat them up, bite on them for a while and the teeth marks will guarantee a perfect fit for the mount. It’s like a mouth guard for fighters, once you do go through the super simple process the mount sits comfortably in your mouth forever.

Pro Standard Grill Mount as a tripod
Pro Standard Grill Mount as a tripod

The clever design of the Pro Standard Grill Mount makes it very versatile. You can use it as a tripod on a flat surface or use it as a hook-mount to hang your GoPro on trees, fences, wires or store it on your belt for quick access.

Most definitely a must-have accessory for any GoPro user. It`s an old favorite but this one is timeless and will last you forever.

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Clarifii Anti-Droplet Lens Solution

Clarifii is a new discovery for me and straight away it punched its way into my Top 5 GoPro Accessories 2019 list.

The Clarifii Anti-Droplet Lens Solution is a formula designed to repel all water forms from your camera. If you have ever felt the crushing disappointment of browsing through your holiday photos or videos at the beach or by the pool and discovering most of the footage is ruined by annoying water droplets on the lens then Clarifii will save your ass. The solution really works and the effect is absolutely apparent on larger surfaces like GoPro Domes.
If you are into water sports you know how often the footage gets ruined by pesky water spots and saliva is not the solution that really works. Clarifii keeps the lens clear of water and for 20 bucks you get around 100 uses.

The bottle is tiny so it`s no hassle carrying it around in your bag and applying the solution is effortless. Absolutely an essential for anyone who uses their cameras near of in water, plus it works on goggles and other screens as well. Just check out the massive effect it has on a cheap GoPro Dome – the right side of the dome was treated with Clarifii and its almost clean when the left side (untreated) is completely ruined.

Clarifii Anti-Droplet Lens solution
No treatment on the left, Clarifii solution on the right.

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Feiyu Tech G6 Gimbal

Some say that with the HyperSmooth image stabilization feature in HERO7, gimbals have come obsolete but I disagree. You will never get the same cinematic movement by hand that you can get from a good gimbal and the Feiyu Tech G6 is the king of all action camera gimbals.

Feiyu Tech G6
Feiyu Tech G6

What I love about Feiyu Tech G6

  • Amazing build quality
  • Display screen
  • Splash-proof!
  • Super silent motors
  • Huge 12h battery life
  • Replaceable battery
  • Can charge a GoPro while using
  • Easy controls
  • Solid carry case
  • Two tripod screw mounts
  • Compatible with many action cameras
  • Remote control from the app
  • Connects to the app very fast

With the built-in status display, the long battery life and the amazing build quality the G6 is my number one recommendation if you want to turn your GoPro videos into professional-looking masterpieces.

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Wandrd PRVKE 31L Camera Backpack with Photography Bundle

You have to have a backpack in the Top 5 GoPro Accessories list right?

The Wandrd PRVKE is a great looking all-around backpack and not as specific to GoPro cameras, but with the Photography Bundle Cube, you can turn it into a really really great gear bag with extra space for everything else. You can even fit a large 15,6″ laptop in the laptop sleeve so it`s even suitable for travelers with just carry-on luggage.

It has a very trendy roll-top so you can alter the capacity of the bag if you need more storage space and the design of the bag is absolutely stylish. The sleek black material (Waterproof Tarpaulin and Robic 1680D Ballistic Nylon)looks good and is functional – it keeps the stuff inside dry in light rain and as with all decent bags you get a rain cover for a heavy downpour.

The Cube offers a customizable camera storage system to fit your GoPro hear or your DSLR camera and lenses. You can also pull the cube out and use as a shoulder bag if needed. The side pocket offers quick access to your gear or unzips the back panel for a better overview of what`s inside. You can even open up the back panel without taking the bag off- just rest the bag on the waist straps.

It`s not the cheapest backpack around but considering the value you get and that you buy a backpack for years the PRVKE is absolutely a great bargain.

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Lume Cube

Lume Cube is a tiny waterproof and shockproof and everything proof POWERFUL light. It can be controlled via Bluetooth, it can be used as a slave light and triggered with your main flash unit or it can be used as an action camera light as a single source of light or combining it with as many Lume Cubes as you want.

Lume Cube lit by Lume Cube
Lume Cube lit by Lume Cube

Although I don`t need the Lume Cube as often as I need the Grill Mount or now the Clarifii solution, for example, having a tiny-tiny cube in your gear bag for the occasions when you need it is absolutely priceless.

It has a runtime of about 20+ Minutes in full power video mode or mixed-use 2+ hours. You can charge it up via USB in 60 minutes and you can use it with all cameras, DSLRs or smartphones. The standard screw mount makes it very user-friendly and you can get really creative with colorful filters, snoots, barn doors and all other accessories available for the Lume Cube.

Lume Cube LED Light Two Pack side by side
Lume Cube LED Light Two Pack side by side

Lume Cubes are one of those cool just-in-case accessories that you forget you need but when the time is right they will be irreplaceable and that`s why it has a well-deserved spot in the Top 5 GoPro Accessories 2019 list.

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