Spivo Stick Review

Spivo Stick is a selfie stick with a twist, LITERALLY!

Spivo Stick
Spivo Stick

Although selfie sticks can be awesome and a lot of times really really stupid they are good for- drumroll please…. taking selfies. But i bet from time to time you want to take a picture or a video f something other than yourself right? In that case, you either clip your GoPro off the stick or turn the camera around but then you have the stick dangling down. And if you have the angle fixed for a good high angle selfie then you will have the stick poking out like and it`s not the most convenient way to take a photo. Especially if you are in a situation where you might need a GoPro like diving or ziplining or surfing or doing whatever shenanigan you might think of. You can read more at spivo.com

Spivo Stick to the rescue!

Spivo stick is a selfie stick or a pole that spins with a button click. It`s not extendable, it`s not foldable, it`s not unsinkable(you can actually get a buoy floatation device that makes it unsinkable)but it`s a damn good product.
The concept is really simple- the pole has a tuning mechanism inside to switch the camera 180 degrees so with just a press of a button you can change where your camera looks at.

The button press sensitivity is a bit hard, so you need a considerable force that makes the stick move while you press but that doesn`t matter since the 180 switch disrupts the video anyways.

The turn speed it really quick and rapid which is good, perfect if you need to switch angles fast.

Spivo Stick plate
Spivo Stick plate

Spivo Stick has a standard tripod screw so you can use any screw mounts to attach a mobile phone a GoPro, a point-and-shoot or if you have them muscles a DSLR to the pole. You can actually attach your GoPro at any angle you like, Spivo Stick has full 360-degree mounting range, all you need to do is screw on the mount and fix the angle with the back plate/ring. The ring has small nudges for better grip but for wet or cold conditions, I would prefer a rubberized rim in case the mount is really tightly fixed.

The grip has a grainy texture to prevent slipping and it`s pretty nice, the rest of the Spivo is glossy smooth plastic so it`s essential that the grip has either rubber coating or some kind of texture on it. The handle also has an ergonomic shape for a better fit in your hand.

Te stick is not adjustable because there are moving parts inside. At 20 inches it`s pretty much a perfect travel-friendly size so it will not poke out of your bag but long enough to get the camera far enough from you to get you in the shot from head to tows.

Spivo Stick grip
Spivo Stick grip

You also have the standard lanyard attached to the bottom of the Spivo Stick with a plastic lock as you normally have with quality poles. Spivo although doesn`t have a removable lanyard, unless you take the stick apart.

One thing you need to considers is the angle that your camera will be at! If the camera is facing YOU the Spivo stick itself will be slightly upright, right around 45 degrees or whatever angle you prefer. And once you pull the trigger and switch the camera 180 you need to adjust the pole accordingly.

Spivo Stick
Spivo Stick

No biggy, just something you need to consider.

What I love about Spivo Stick

  • Great quality
  • Awesome concept
  • Lanyard
  • Compatible with any device
  • Perfect length
  • Fast button switch


  • Lanyard is not detachable

Things I don`t love

  • The button could be a bit lighter to push…


Get it from Spivo.com


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