ProStandard 360 Quick Connect

With the new HERO8 out, you need to think about what accessories you need. The best ones are the ones that are always with you and the ProStandard 360 Quick Connect is one of those clever little helpers you should always have.

Remember when I raved about the ProStandard Grill mount? Well, get ready for some more praising because I think I have found the THE best thing that can happen to a GoPro EVER!

Let me paint you a picture(Imagine this in a black and white TV-Shop`like clip in your head) – You are riding down a nice snowy hill on a snowboard and you have your GoPro attached to your board. You suddenly reach a clearance with amazing sunset view and you want to take a selfie with the pole you have in your backpack. You take off your gloves and try to loosen the GoPro screw but your fingers are stiff from the cold. Once you get the screw loose you send an eternity unscrewing it completely and then screwing the GoPro to the pole. Meanwhile, your fingers are freezing off and a big-ass cloud has covered the setting sun – the moment is gone and you will never get that shot.

This is probably THE biggest nuisance when it comes to action cameras – the screw system is cumbersome and takes way too much time to operate.

The ProStandard 360 Quick Connect is hands down the fastest system to switch your GoPro between different mounts.

ProStandard 360 Quick Connect
ProStandard 360 Quick Connect

ProStandard 360 Quick Connect overview

  • Eliminates having to use the GoPro mounting bolt to change mounts.
  • Enables you to move your GoPro from mount to mount with no tools
  • Quick and simple to operate
  • Allows you to rotate your GoPro to any angle between 1º and 360º.
  • Features adjustable rotational tension, so you can decide how easily the camera rotates, choosing any tension between freely rotating to locked in position.
  • Features Cam Perfect Markings to eliminate the guesswork involved in setting up shots.
  • The pivot and rotation settings stay the same to so you don’t have to re-adjust when you move your GoPro between accessories.
  • Backward and forwards compatible with all GoPro and 3rd Party mounts and accessories
  • Light and durable.
  • The highest quality polycarbonate plastic in the industry.

Basically, the ProStandard 360 Quick Connect is a dead-simple way to move your action cameras between different mounts while actually adding a second dimension to adjusting the camera angle.

This is how it works:

  1. Screw the clamp to your GoPro
  2. Adjust the clamp tension: looser if you want to be able to rotate the camera or tighten it to fix the camera rotation.
  3. Clip the base to a GoPro mount or fix any of the ProStandard 360 Quick Connect mounts to any place you want
  4. Make them touch and clamp it down 😀

ProStandard 360 Quick Connect mounts

There are different mounting options to fit most of your needs. ProStandard offers them by different bundles but here`s the lineup:

ProStandard 360 Quick Connect
ProStandard 360 Quick Connect
  • 360 Quick Connect Camera Mount – the part that attaches to your camera
  • Super-Visor Low Profile Under Visor GoPro Mount – Meant to stick to different helmets that have visors
  • 360 Quick Connect 2 Tine Connector – Fits any GoPro adjustment arm or screw fork
  • 360 Quick Connect Cleat Connector – fits into GoPro quick cleats
  • 360 Quick Connect Webbing Sticky Mount – a sticky mount with the option to use straps to secure the mount instead of the adhesive sticker
  • Pipe Master Leaverite Mount with velcro – A mount with a long velcro strap
  • Pipe Master Leaverite Mount with metal clamp – to use on narrower poles but has a much stronger grip than the velcro obviously
  • Pipe Master Leaverite Mount with metal clamp and plastic butterfly bolt – easier to use

So basically you get a bunch of different mounts that will replace or merge with the existing GoPro mounts. For example, I did most of the testing while kitesurfing and I just clipped into the adhesive GoPro mount I had stuck on the board and I was ready to go.

The second mount was the Pipe Master Leaverite Mount with metal clamp attached to my control bar.

I actually had the Grill mount also but unfortunately I lost it right at the start of my session and couldn`t find it anymore even though I spent almost 10 minutes riding back and forth in the area I lost it but I the chop was too messy that day so please join me for a minute of silence. It was a perfect mount, It served me well and I even declared it as the KING of all mounts but now the king has fallen and floats somewhere in the cold sea….

OK, so I`ll wipe my tears and get back to the review.

There is one thing you need to consider when using the ProStandard 360 Quick Connect –  do you need to be able to rotate the GoPro without releasing the attachment clip or not?

ProStandard 360 Quick Connect
ProStandard 360 Quick Connect
  1. If you want to be able to rotate it then loosen the clip just a bit and you can rotate as much as you want. If you loosen it a lot it will be fairly easy to rotate but I felt a pretty tight fit was better so I needed to use just a bit more force to rotate it. It really depends on where you`ll be using the mount because when I had the camera on my board it got smacked with water constantly so I don`t want it to rotate unless I wanted to change the angle myself.
  2. If you want it to stay fixed in the direction you want to tighten the clip by turning the small metal knob so that when you clamp it down it`s really tight and your GoPro will stay perfectly directed where you need it to.

The brilliant thing about the mount is that the Male connector has a groove in the shaft and the Female connector has an inner rim so there is no way in hell your GoPro can slip off. (Insert a lot of dirty jokes here😉 )

ProStandard 360 Quick Connect
ProStandard 360 Quick Connect

How secure the ProStandard 360 Quick Connect really is?

This was probably my main concern because I wanted to put the mounts through a rough test. I have broken GoPro original mounts before and actually lost a GoPro in the sea. I had the camera attached to the GoPro adhesive mount and the mount pretty much shattered on a really hard landing and this was the end of my HERO3.

So I took some extra precautions (used the back door floater) and started doing some high jumps and hot landings where I deliberately landed hard and kept the board really flat to the water on the impact to create as much force as possible. (My knees and heels will not thank me for this)
I threw in some crashes and dragged the board under water just for the lulz and the I am happy to report that I still have my GoPro and the mounts took the beating without any issues.

All the mounts are made of polycarbonate formulation that ProStandard calls Holycarbonate  😀 because it`s just that strong.

One other cool thing is that the mount that slips into the GoPro Quick mount is that the 360 Quick Connect Cleat Connect has an integrated rubber guard that slips into the connector keeping dirt away and making it more secure.

ProStandard 360 Quick Connect – so is it fast?

ProStandard 360 Quick Connect
ProStandard 360 Quick Connect

The main selling point of the mounts is the fact that you don`t need to mess around with the screw system so you will save time and your nerves. As I mentioned before the biggest pain in the ass for me with the GoPro mounts is when I use them in the winter or during surf sessions when the water is cold. Not only does the screw system take time it`s so freakin’ hard to use the screws when your fingers are cold. Sure, if you don`t need to tighten the screws too much it`s probably not an issue but since the waves splashing into the camera at high speeds on a kiteboard the angle needs to stay the same so I crank the screws with all my might. Sometimes I just leave the camera on the board and remove it when I get home because it`s just impossible to remove it with cold hands.

ProStandard 360 Quick Connect it takes about 3 seconds to take the camera off from one mount and place it securely to another place. This really is super fast!
Basically, all you need to do is clip the latch open, pop the camera off, place it on to the next mount and close the latch – that`s it.

I wanted to see how easy it is using just on hand while kitesurfing (in pretty choppy water) and here`s a short clip – you can see it for yourself. Taking the GoPro off from the board and placing it on the mount on the control bar took just seconds. This would be impossible if using the default GoPro mounts!


What I love about the ProStandard 360 Quick Connect

  • Amazing build quality
  • Holycarbonate is pretty bombproof
  • versatile
  • ultra fast to switch between mounts
  • compatible with all GoPro mounts

ProStandard 360 Quick Connect – Final Verdict

Simple and brilliant! If i had to choose between the best GoPro gimbal on the market or a set of ProStandard 360 Quick Connect mounts I would take the mounts. It`s insane how just a tiny bit of “plastic” can be such a game changer. I think ProStandard is on the right track and the same goes for the Grill mount – the simplest of things can be the most genius.

Get it from


ProStandard 360 Quick Connect
ProStandard 360 Quick Connect


UPDATE on ProStandard 360 Quick Connect

So if you read the review you know that I have lost a GoPro because the original adhesive flat mount broke off and this made me a little apprehensive about using the ProStandard 360 Quick Connect. Now I`m 100% convinced that the Holycarbonate that is used for the Quick Connect is freaking strong! I had my GoPro attached to my twin-tip board with the 360 Quick Connect attached to the flat adhesive mount and landed hard – Quick Connect is just like new but this is how the GoPro mount looks like this:

360 Quick Connect is designed so that if for some reason it cracks it doesn`t shatter – the same principle like car windows. They are designed to stay intact even if fractured. I`ll go and remove all the GoPro mounts from my board and stick on the ProStandard 360 Quick Connect mounts 🙂

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