Cheap GoPro Batteries – the best options.

You can`t have an action camera and have just the one battery that comes with it. The batteries drain fast when shooting in high-res and high fps or if in cold conditions and most of the time you don’t have the option to quickly charge the battery. This is why a spare kit is essential! Whether travelling or hiking or just going around town the ability to take the perfect shot is priceless. And if you suddenly discover you no longer have the juice to capture that perfect moment you might as well leave your camera home.

We are now at HERO10, and still, the cheap alternatives can work as well as the originals, so don’t be afraid to scout around for the best deals.

The original GoPro battery that comes with your camera is good, but the spare ones can be a bit pricy. You can get a single battery for 19.99USD or the Dual Battery Charger + Battery for 49USD.

GoPro Original charger
GoPro Original charger
  • The original GoPro Hero5 – Hero8 bettery is 1220mAh
  • The original Hero9 battery is 1720mAh

I highly recommend getting a charger because charging the batteries one-by-one inside the camera takes a lot of time. I also recommend getting more then just one spare – I carry two charged up spares in my gear bag and this guarantees plenty of power for every situation.

Get it from Amazon.

TELESIN ALLIN Box Charger for GoPro

I use the TELESIN charger and batteries and they hold up perfectly. The charger is weather-proof and houses THREE batteries at once and even has a dual MIcro-Sd card holder inside. You can charge all three batteries in the charger and it works with the original GoPro battery and the TELESIN ones simultaneously. It also has three LED indicators for each charging port so you know when they are full. It also has a built-in SD card reader!

TELESIN ALLIN Box Charger for GoPro
TELESIN ALLIN Box Charger for GoPro
  • The Hero5 – Hero8 replacement battery is 1220mAh
  • Hero9 replacement battery is 1750mAh

The Charging box is available for the older HEro4 to Hero8 models as well as for the new Hero9 that has a slightly larger battery.

You get the charger + TWO spares for just 36.99USD so you will save money and get one extra battery.

Artman 2-Pack Replacement Batteries

Similar to TELESIN this box charger comes with two batteries and can for three altogether. It has three individual LED indicators for charging but lacks the Micro-SD holder, the card reader functionality and is not weather-proof. However, it has just slightly bigger capacity.

Artman 2-Pack Replacement Batteries
Artman 2-Pack Replacement Batteries
  • Hero 5 – Hero8 replacement battery is 1500mAh
  • Hero9 replacement battery is 1800mAh

The 2-Pack option is around 39USD for Hero9 and 36USD for Hero8 and below so it’s a good bargain for Cheap GoPro Batteries.

Artman 2-Pack Replacement Batteries from Amazon

Wasabi Power HERO9 Battery 2-Pack and USB Triple Charger

The Wasabi Power brand has been making batteries for various devices since 2007 and the company is based in California, USA. You can get pretty much every camera battery you need from them and them and you can count on the quality for sure! They use lithium-ion battery with Premium Grade-A cells for maximum battery life with no memory effect.

Wasabi Power HERO9 Battery 2-Pack and USB Triple Charger
Wasabi Power HERO9 Battery 2-Pack and USB Triple Charger

The main difference with the Wasabi Power Triple Charger + 2-Pack of spare batteries is that this charger is not a closed box so its open to the elements. Its not an issue if you do your charging mostly indoors and have a pouch or a case for your batteries but if you prefer storing them inside the charger look at the two previous box chargers.

  • Hero 5 – Hero8 replacement battery is 1220mAh
  • Hero9 replacement battery is 1730mAh

The price for the Hero9 kit and for the older versions is 38USD

Wasabi Power HERO9 Battery 2-Pack and USB Triple Charger

Are Cheap GoPro Batteries safe alternatives?

It’s always the question when you buy third-party batteries instead of the originals. Are they safe, will they last, will they explode in my camera etc. etc.

My experience using third-party batteries for both my GoPro and my DSLR is nothing but good. They are cheap, they last as long as the originals and no explosions so far. Cheap GoPro Batteries will save you some money while keeping you powered.

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