7 Best GoPro Accessories 2019

New and exciting GoPro Accessories come and go every year and as 2019 is closing in we need to lay out the Best GoPro Accessories of this year.

Clarifii Anti-Droplet Lens solution

The Clarifii Anti-Droplet Lens solution is a recent discovery for me but it’s absolutely one of the top items that I always carry in my camera bag. I thing the best products are simple, cheap and small enough to always fit in your bag. Clarifii fits all those criteria and what’s most important: it works!

Clarifii Anti-Droplet Lens solution keeps water from your lens and helps it drain off. The special coating prevents droplets forming so that any liquid drains off fast and doesn’t leave marks.

Just a few drops on your camera lens will do the trick. Dab the solution evenly and let it rest for a while. No more licking you lens and no more ruined photos because there is a drop of water right smack in the middle of your shot.

A simple test with a TELESIN 6 Dome Port shows the difference. The left side is untreated and fully covered with small droplets. The right side is treated with Clarifii and has just a few drops.

Using a high/quality dome, like the KNEKT GoPro Dome, will not have results as dramatic like this because the KNEKT Dome is made of military-grade acrylic and does not attract water drops like a cheap Chinese version does.

Clarifii Anti-Droplet Lens solution
Clarifii Anti-Droplet Lens solution on the right

Pro Standard Grill Mount

The Pro Standard Grill Mount makes it into all my Top Lists, and rightfully so. The mount is one of the best GoPro Accessories and doesn’t cost much.

You can use it as a mini tripod, a belt clip, a hook, or as a mouth mont like it’s intended.

What I really like about it is the fork design that leaves an opening for breathing so you can use the mount for high pace activities and still be able to breathe normally.

The plastic is moldable, like a mouthguard, so it fits perfectly – just dip it in hot liquid and bite into it.

Pro Standard Grill Mount breakfast
Pro Standard Grill Mount breakfast

Feiyu Tech G6 gimbal

You can`t have a TOP list without the Feiyu Tech flagship gimbal – the G6

Even though the new GoPro cameras have really good stabilizers built-in, you really need a separate gimbal if you want to make your videos absolutely shine. The smooth turns and moves you can achieve with a gimbal are definitely worth the small investment. A GoPro gimbal is small and takes just a little room in your gear bag.

The G6 is splashproof, so you can use it in rain or dump it in water for a few seconds. Absolutely a key entry in the Best GoPro Accessories list for 2019.

The App that controls the gimbal adds freedom to your creative process and you can control the gimbal straight from the app without you actually touching the gimbal.

Feiyu Tech G6
Feiyu Tech G6

Pakpod Tripod

Get a tripod – get a good one! If you use a heavy-duty DSLR then look away. This tripod is not your standard fancy tripod with foam grips and a leveler and shiny bits and a nice carry case. The Pakpod Tripod is a rugged outdoorsman who makes fire with its hands and saves babies from bears.

But seriously, the tripod is the perfect lightweight and super versatile tripod you really need. It has spikes you can flip out, it has complete freedom in moving its arms and it weighs only 15.5 ounces. It can carry a heavy DSLR, but its more suited for lighter gear, especially action cameras that you might want to mount underwater.

Yes, you can set the tripod up underwater- just press the spikes in the ground and set your shots up. The Pakpod has no hallow parts so there`s no risk of water getting inside.

Pakpod Tripod
Pakpod Tripod

LaCie Rugged USB-C

Back your shit up! Taking great images and videos is worth nothing if your PC crashes or you accidentally write over your microSD card or your mom washes your laptop and all your media is gone.

LaCie Rugged USB-C is from the legendary orange Rugged lineup you see everywhere in social media. The Orange bumper is pretty iconic and has a very instagrammy look to it.

But its not all about the looks. The LaCie Rugged USB-C is a tough and durable beast that can take your best punches and with a poker face and just keep going. Make sure you keep your files backed up on a quality drive and LaCie is your safe bet.

LaCie Rugged USB-C
LaCie Rugged USB-C

Lume Cube LED light

The funny thing is, a lot of times I reach into my gear bag for the Lume Cube not just to light a scene but to use it as a flashlight…

So the Lume Cubes can be as mundane as serving you like a tiny-tiny but massively powerful flashlight or it can do some really spectacular things.

What i most love about the Lume Cubes is that you can control, and trigger them from your phone. You can sync up multiple cubes and get really creative with your lighting.

If you use a DSLR and a flash you can switch the cubes to Slave mode that you trigger with your main flash. Amazing little buggers.

Lume Cube LED Light Two Pack side by side
Lume Cube LED Light Two Pack side by side

Wandrd PRVKE 31L Camera Backpack

You need a good bag to put all those amazing products into right? Say no more – Meet the Wandrd PRVKE 31L Camera Backpack.

It`s not a specific GoPro backpack, rather a cool modular backpack that you can customize to fit your needs. The best option for camera nerds (including GoPro nerds) is to get it with the Photography Bundle. This is a cube that sits in the bottom half of the bag. You can fit your DSLR with multiple lenses in it or your action camera with shitloads of mounts and accessories. You can access the cube from the side for quick draw if you need to capture the moment.

The top part can be used for your daily stuff like clothes, food or whatever you need. The PRVKE series has a nifty roll-top closure so you can adjust the volume of the bag.

It has a dedicated laptop and tablet sleeves, document compartments, key pockets, and a foldable tripod side pocket. And of course, a rain cover to keep your stuff dry.