GoPro For Traveling: 5 Easy Tips for GoPro Users

GoPro For Traveling and what should you consider

When deciding on what camera to bring with you on a trip you often have many choices. DSLR with a bunch of lenses, a pocket-sized point-and-shoot camera, a video camera or if you are a lucky GoPro owner – your GoPro. GoPro for traveling is a perfect solution and here are 5 essential tips you need to know before locking down your travel plans.

Why choose GoPro as your travel camera:

  • Wide angle
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Small and lightweight
  • 4k video capabilities

Here are the five tips that will save your holiday videos and photos.

  1. Take multiple Photos

GoPro Hero4 Timelapse
GoPro Hero4 Timelapse

This might sound like an obvious suggestion but a lot of times you come home from the vacation and discover someone had their eyes closed on a shot that is otherwise perfectly framed.

Invest in a decent memory card or two and make sure you take a few extra shots each time. I`t so easy to just delete the ones you don`t like. We suggest 64GB if you want to make videos and photos or get 2 in case you lose one.

Time lapse mode is the perfect program that will take still shots after a predetermined time.

A good interval to use for selfies is 0.5 seconds, that`s plenty of time to get some nice photos.

  1. Get to know your camera

GoPro Hero4 Menu
GoPro Hero4 Menu

Even before you leave for your vacation take some time to go through all the functions. Make sure you know what buttons does what and how the menus work. You need to be ready to change settings on the go. Let`s imagine you are walking into a dark, poorly lit cool bar and you want to switch to Night Mode to make sure you capture the interior. Can you change the settings in 2 seconds? Or are you sure you know how to turn the image upside down if you attach the camera upside down?  Learn what settings work best in different locations and how to reach them fast. GoPro For Traveling works only if you are comfortable with your device.

  1. Use the GoPro mobile app

GoPro mobile app
GoPro mobile app

Capture it the official app that you can use to control your camera with. It offers Live preview, playback + full camera control. The Capture app is perfect if you need to get the perfect angle but you don`t have the LCD or the camera is in a small space where you just can`t see the LCD screen. You can use your phone to control all the camera features remotely and download fresh footage to your phone to edit and share with your friends. The only downside is that using your mobile uses up a lot of power and you need to have spare batteries or use a battery grip like the PolarPro PowerGrip H2O

  1. Get the right accessories


Depending on the destination of your holidays you need to pick carefully what you pack with you. Some of them, however, are mandatory for pretty much everyone like charging cable, spare batteries and a good GoPro pole.
There are hundreds of different GoPro accessories to choose from. If you plan to go somewhere where you can swim be sure to take a floating grip, if you like POV footage use a harness strap, a backpack clamp or a head strap or if you plan to drive a lot, get the suction cup mount. Whatever your plans are for your travels try to imagine the situations you will be in and then pick the right accessories.

  1. Get different angles

GoPro sticky mount on a kiteboard
GoPro sticky mount on a kiteboard

Mix it up and don`t just go for the regular photos or videos you see every day. It gets boring and soon you will be tired of watching your own photos and videos. There are some basic rules in photography like the Golden ratio that will in most cases improve your shots but stepping outside the box and creating more unusual and rarely used angles can improve the results drastically.

Try getting as low as possible so that people appear taller, or attach your GoPro somewhere you least expect it. POV videos can be nice but get boring fast. If you happen to have more than one GoPro use them simultaneously and you can later edit the video into an amazing travel movie.


So remember those five GoPro For Traveling Tips and you will have an amazing vacation with perfect images and video to bring back.


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