Pro Standard Grill Mount

Pro Standard Grill Mount is a freakishly universal and useful mount! Now that we have that out of the way let`s take a closer look at this bad boy and why people have been raving about it. Kris Jamieson AKA Jaymo, the Global Education Manager for GoPro has said “ The best GoPro Mount ever. This should be the best selling GoPro mount on earth. It’s the only mount I use every day.”
Dang… That`s a pretty bold statement, so let`s see how I feel about it!

At first glance, it`s just another molded piece of plastic with the GoPro mount but as it turns out it actually is a tiny little beast that has a lot to offer.

How to set up the Pro Standard Grill Mount.

Out of the box, the Grill Mount is not 100% ready to use, at least as a mouth mount. The red EVA moldings at the tips of the mount are almost like mouth guards and you need to sink your teeth in them so you get a solid grip.

You need to dunk the mount into hot water for a few minutes of if you don`t have really hot water just put it in your morning coffee like I did. Since coffee is not that hot you need to leave it in for about 15 minutes. The hot water makes the red rubber coating soft so you can clamp down with your teeth to sink your teeth marks in. And that`s it, you are good to go!

Pro Standard Grill Mount in coffee
Pro Standard Grill Mount in coffee
Pro Standard Grill Mount breakfast
Enjoying my Grill Mount flavoured coffee 🙂 and some toast

Two things:

  • If you use boiling water, make sure to let the plastic cool off just a bit so you don`t burn you mouth.
  • If you mess up making the teeth marks the first time, don`t worry – just repeat the process.

Here`s what the official Pro Standard product page sais about the Grill Mount:

  • The only mouth mount that allows you to use the voice activation features of the GoPro Hero 5
  • Use as a mouth mount and shoot like the pros.
  • Heat the red EVA tabs in hot water for a custom fit.
  • Normal breathing; talking and airflow. The only mouth mount with an airway that seals completely when you go underwater.
  • Surf, skateboard, body board, fish, mountain bike, BMX, climb, ride rollercoasters, SUP, jetski, kayak, canoe, and film your adventures.
  • Hold the world’s smallest, lightest handgrip multiple ways. With your hand, or hold it with just one finger. 2.4”/61mm tall and only 0.67oz/19grams.
  • Even with your GoPro attached it fits easily into pockets.
  • Used as a tripod the red feet provide grip on uneven surfaces.
  • Get instantly stable shots by hooking it over chairs, branches, fences and more. The world is your oyster and tripod.
  • Stop guessing your shot when you position your GoPro. Use Cam Perfect Positioning® for exactly repeatable camera positions.
  • Get flowing butter smooth footage using your head…it’s a natural 3-axis gimbal.
  • The Grill Mount is protected by Patent 9,395,603 B2.
Pro Standard Grill Mount as a tripod
Pro Standard Grill Mount as a tripod

I can`t vouch for all of the above but I do agree with a lot of them: You can breathe normally (well obviously not as freely as you normally do) with the mount in your mouth and you can speak, so yes, you can use the voice commands. When you close your lips you can swim underwater without any problems. The Grill Mount is designed in a way that lets you breathe through the two ends that meet in the middle and this separates it from the rest of the mouth mounts – pretty clever eh?

I`m not sure if it`s the world smallest and lightest hand grip… but it sure is light. When you fold it to the back of your GoPro it`s also nice and compact. It will not fit in your jeans pockets but coat or hoodie is perfectly fine.

When the Pro Standard Grill Mount is not used as a mouth mount it works brilliantly as a mini tripod. Works well on even and uneven surfaces. Now since the mount is really very light and the camera so much heavier you might want to put some weights on the mount legs to keep it in place in high winds.

Pro Standard Grill Mount upside down
Pro Standard Grill Mount upside down

What`s more exciting about this is that you can turn the mount into a clamp or a hook.  This is probably the best feature in my eyes because there have been soooooooo many times I have been out kiteboarding and I have left my GoPro in the car because I don`t have the perfect mount.

A pole is great but after you are done filming or taking pictures there is nowhere you can leave the pole. Head strap mount is OK and give you a similar POV like the mouth mount but again, where do you put it after?

The Grill Mount turns into a clamp you can tighten down and slip it on your wetsuit, pants, harness or on your bikinis between your boobs if you happen to have those. Idon’tt. 😀

Even when you are not messing around with different activities, the “clamp mode” allows you to hook it to so many places to fix it in a sturdy place or turn something into cameraman.
Here`s a list of what I used the Pro Standard Grill Mount on during my 2 weeks of traveling in Thailand:

Pro Standard Grill Mount on a beach chair
Pro Standard Grill Mount on a beach chair
  • On my backpack chest strap
  • On my belt
  • On my pocket
  • On a side rope on a kayak
  • As a tripod on the beach
  • As a tripod pretty much anywhere where I ate
  • On a Beach chair
  • As a mouth mount
  • On a motorbike windscreen
  • etc. I can`t even keep track 😀
Pro Standard Grill Mount pocket
Pro Standard Grill Mount pocket

Cam Perfect Positioning® – what`s that?

Notice the small markings on thePro Standard Grill Mount right where the screw goes? Tha`s Cam Perfect Positioning® and what it does is it helps you get the same angle every time you use the mount. So you can change the angle if needed and then reset it where you left it before. Might be pretty handy sometimes, especially when you have found te perfect angle to use as a mouth mount so you can set it to that specific angle every time you use it.

What I love about Pro Standard Grill Mount

  • Super lightweight
  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • You can breath with it in your mouth
  • You can fit it to suit your teeth, even if you have them all crooked in all directions 😀
  • Re-moldable


  • The great thing is that its so light, but that means it can fall over more easily if you use it as a tripod

Things I don`t love

  • There is nothing i dont like about it. It`s simple in it`s design and that makes it brilliant!

Pro Standard Grill Mount – Final Verdict

I definitely agree that it`s one of the best mounts ever and until i can compare it with other mouth mounts i declare Pro Standard Grill Mount as the KING 🙂

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Pro Standard Grill Mount as a tripod 2
Pro Standard Grill Mount as a tripod